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What We Wear to Work


Maggie Flickinger

Business Director, Barrett Studio Architects

Fashion Philosophy: We have a term at the studio for our projects’ architectural expression: organic modern. I’m drawn to the juxtaposition inherent in that term and it’s this dichotomy that informs my fashion philosophy. For me, that results in pairing punk rock hair with an ultra-feminine frock or softly voluminous fabrics with chunky industrial jewelry.

Fashion Staple: My funky hair—courtesy of Mary Owens at A Mary Owens Salon—and the confidence to rock it. On the rare occasions that I’m required to don traditional business attire, the hair still gives a clue to my creativity.

Favorite Local Store: Nature! My favorite ring is made from a chunk of wood and the artisans at Angie Star are creating a custom necklace showcasing a linear lava stone shard for me. Porcupine quills and fox fur (found, not hunted!) form the basis of another necklace I’m designing. Another great (and somewhat undiscovered) resource is Violette on Pearl. This boutique humors my penchant for dresses every season of the year.

Mark Stoddard

Proprietor and Beverage Manager, The Bitter Bar

Fashion Philosophy: Retrosexual: classic, sophisticated, masculine.

Fashion Staple: A custom-tailored suit.

Favorite Local Store: Weekends.

Susan Kaiser Yurish

Founder/Owner, Hanna’s Specialty Foods, Delicatessen And Catering

Fashion Philosophy: I have always built my wardrobe on classic pieces. I don’t mind spending a bit more on those items due to their timeless nature. Each season I always compliment the classics with a few trendy items so

the look is always up to the minute.

Fashion Staple: A beautiful, classic black dress that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion is essential.

Favorite Local Store: Coming from New York City, boy was I thrilled when Macy’s showed up in Colorado. However, Ville de Luxe in Louisville has great, fun things, Timabalier in Lafayette has fabulous jewelry and purses, and the ladies at Pearl’s Salon, also in Lafayette, always help keep me looking my best.

Nicole Duke (left)

Professional Cyclist for Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld.com, Hairstylist, Mom

Fashion Philosophy: Dress for your body type. Pick and choose elements from latest trends but keep the core of your wardrobe simple, classic and elegant. Never wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, that way your inner beauty can always shine through confidently.

Fashion Staple: Good Mascara, and a pair of wedge heels.

Favorite Local Store: Two Sole Sisters, for amazing shoes, purses and jewelry.

Kristin Weber

Graphic Designer/Art Director at Sugar Design

Fashion Philosophy:

What you wear is a direct reflection of who you are as a designer, but with three kids, that style has to include a few really great pieces, accessories and great shoes—and it has to come together a little funky in a flash because you don’t want to dress like a mom to meet clients. When “dress up” is over, it’s Lululemon time.

Fashion Staple:

Good jeans, I swear by Joes and 7 For All Mankind, dark and straight-legged. Jacket: Barbour motor cycle style.

Favorite Local Store:

Nordstrom Rack, Antrhopologie, Lululemon Athletica

Jeff Lindauer

CEO, Spring44 Spirits

Fashion Philosophy: Comfort, casual with sophistication. After being a corporate CEO for so many years, I was glad to trade in my daily uniform of suits and ties for Spring44 casual wear.

Fashion Staple: Jeans, jeans and more jeans—dressy jeans and casual jeans. Button-down starched shirts and blazers that can be dressed up or down. Ralph Lauren for events/openings. Great cuff links…even with jeans. Wonderful and worn-looking boots. Sunglasses.

Favorite Local Store: Ralph Lauren for events and JAX Mercantile for boots, belts, hats, sunglasses and wranglers.

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