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Instagram bans ‘#Curvy’


Instagram continues to dictate how women’s bodies are portrayed by banning #curvy from its search terms.

The word, which traditionally promotes positive body image, was banned not because of the term itself, but because the content violated Instagram’s nudity guidelines. Reports say that when searched, it would result in pornographic images, therefore violating the site’s guidelines.

Curvy is seen as a body positive word, associated with women embracing their bodies. Many think this decision is ridiculous, as they don’t see curvy as a harmful word.

Instagram has also been suspending users for posting inappropriate content. Artist Sam Roddick had her account deleted by Instagram for posting a vagina shaped cornice. It was found that vagina has not been banned from the social media service.

“Clearly it is unrealistic for Instagram to fully control or really be fully responsible for what people post—however I am disturbed by what Instagram are actually choosing to disallow and images they are censoring—they are showing that as a company their philosophy is emotionally and intellectually unhealthy and psychologically damaging towards women,” said Roddick.

Instagram has gone so far as to ban breast feeding, stretch marks, and even classical works of arts that respectfully portray nudity, before banning ‘curvy’. However, Instagram still allows harmful, body shaming words such as “bitch, fat slag, and hookers”.

For girls and young women, the way body positivity is handled on the site is dangerous for their self-esteem. As women, we are encouraged to embrace our bodies, and many of us feel ‘curvy’ is a perfectly accurate way to do so.

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