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Trouble In The Streets of Boulder

Trouble in the Streets promo shot. Press Junky.

Trouble in the Streets promo shot. Press Junky.

Trouble in the Streets is coming to hang out in Boulder, with an official show stop in Denver. Are you ready?

“Electro Tribe Fusion” is the style, positivity the message. Hailing from Austin, Texas, with members from all over, Trouble in the Streets connected as independent artists in Austin with a shared desire to create, for an opportunity to “cultivate culture and community and really give back” through youth projects, volunteer work, and more. There is no definition to the harmonic chaos and powerful vocals that they create, but there is a goal: “to make music that makes you feel empowered” and allows you to go “deeper in your mind”.

“Mixing a blend of influences from World, to Hip-Hop, Electronic, Rock and R&B, Trouble in The Streets continues to leave a big musical impression everywhere they play,” reads their press release. I’m obliged to believe them. Music constantly comes across my desk. Very few make me want to reach out to the band and connect.

With a name culled from a 70’s compilation that Nnedi’s dad was bumping, Trouble in the Streets is ready to make you feel good, make you move, and get your energy to a good place. Their lyrics “come from everywhere” and if there’s one thing they’re trying to achieve, it’s a place for all of us: “the world needs more people together,” Bobby tells me. And I couldn’t agree more. Good music is good for the soul. Bring the trouble.

Trouble in the Streets is Nnedi “Nebula” Agbaroji on keys and vocals, Andy “found him on craigslist” Leonard on bass, and Bobby Snakes on drums.

T*I*T*S* (an amazing acronym I just realized was also dirty) will be hosting the open jam at the Lazy Dog. It’s an unofficial show but they’ll be playing a few of their jams during the night. They’ll have an official show in Denver at Your Mom’s House on October 19th. For tickets, see here. Check out the Facebook event page if that’s easier for you.

If you haven’t heard of them, I got you covered: Check ’em out on Soundcloud.

We’ll see you at the show. Bring us t-shirts.

Trouble in the Streets group shot, promo. Press Junky.

Trouble in the Streets group shot, promo. Press Junky.

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