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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Best of the West

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Best of the West


2020 Best of the West

Reader’s Choice Poll


Food Winners



EC – Kevin Kidd – 24 Carrot: Kevin Kidd has certainly left his mark on Boulder’s culinary scene. Now that he owns his own restaurant, 24 Carrot, people are coming from all over for this destination restaurant. He believes in simple high quality food and locally sourced ingredients. They turn great ingredients into divine food for you, me, and all of us to enjoy.

B – Dallas Houle – Leaf: Leaf is the canvas upon which he paints and we the patrons gaze upon it in wonder. Dallas Houle-Leaf is a mastermind of culinary concoctions mixing veganism with old school favorites and incorporating things such as jackfruit and tempeh into the dishes.

Overall Restaurant

EC – 24 Carrot: Good food, simple ingredients, one of the best Chef’s around. 24 Carrot has become a destination restaurant and rightfully so. Everything is great, but try their specials to let the chef take you on a culinary tour of their imagination. Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, whatever you want, it might be drive from Boulder but it’s beautiful and definitely worth it.

B- The Cork: Exactly what you would want from a steakhouse. High quality prime cuts, smooth elegant setting and an atmosphere perfect for a date, a gathering, or for the family to enjoy. They know a lot about steak and don’t hide it, and we respect that.

Contemporary American

EC – SUGARBEET: If you are looking for a perfect experience, Sugarbeet will never disappoint. Of course the food is absolutely divine, fresh, farm to table, and exquistely prepared, but what really makes Sugarbeet the perfect dining experience is the perfection in service. You are the star of the show, the great meal is just part of the act.

B – TIE – Blackbelly & SALT: I don’t even know what to say. Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg, owner of Blackbelly has worked at both and I guess he’s left his mark. A brutal tie of two Boulder Titans Blackbelly and Salt are the best contemporary American restaurants in Boulder. Well crafted simple good food ready for you to consume and remember forever.

Cheap Eats

EC – Eats & Sweets: ICE CREAM!!!!!!! I love ice cream and so do most people. Eats & Sweets is voted best cheap eats in East County, because they have affordable eats, i.e. sandwiches, salads, etc. and cheap sweets – that’s my queue. ICE CREAM!!!!

B – TIE – Illegal Petes & Cosmos: Cheap eats that don’t seem cheap. The best known pizza versus the best down mexican food in town are tied and will just have to celebrate in their shared victory as the best cheap eats in Boulder. Whether you’re in the mood for a smothered burrito, a couple slices, or a drink, these two are serving it up hot, fresh, and budget friendly.


EC – Button Rock: Baked good are powerful entities. They’re varied uses extended to all palettes savory and sweet. They bring people together and enlighten our senses as we ponder our very existence with each bite. Don’t worry, it’s also totally fine if you just eat your muffin, enjoy it, and move on. Button Rock is there for you.

B – Boulder Baked: Boulder Baked baking Boulder baked goods worth baking. Again, Boulder Baked, baking… just kidding. Boulder baked is delicious baked goods done right. Coming in as Boulder’s best Bakery, they’re definitely worth adding to you list for a nighttime snack, as a daytime indulgence or as a meal!


EC – Big Daddy: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, schmear time is Big Daddy time. Again and again they have one best bagel is East County and rightfully so. Whether you prefer the simple or the fully loaded, have a bagel, drink some coffee, start right and take the day.

B – Moes: Yup. Moes is still the all time best bagel in Boulder. So many different bagels, so many different cream cheeses, so, so, so many options we can’t possibly try all of them. A great place to stop before work or come for lunch, Moes is Moes, we love it and you probably do too.


EC – Georgia Boys: Brisket. Pulled Pork. Ribs. Mac N’ Cheese. Slaw. Skillet Cornbread. The list goes on and on. The south is right here for us to find comfort in. Voted the best BBQ, Georgia Boys are providing us with the real deal authentic BBQ finger licking good experience.

B – Moes Original BBQ: Brisket. Pulled Pork. Ribs. Mac N’ Cheese. Slaw. Skillet Cornbread. The list goes on and on. The south is right here for us to find comfort in. Voted the best BBQ, Georgia Boys are providing us with the real deal authentic BBQ finger licking good experience.


EC – Tangerine: They won in Boulder, they won in East County. They are, the best, breakfast, in the whole county. We want satisfaction and we want it now. This place has got what we need to quell those early morning needs while we recharge and regain our strength to take on the day.

B – Tangerine: Bright Orange interior carress your Sunday morning brunch conversations as you dabble in sublimity. Well crafted espresso drinks, classic breakfast foods, awesome service, Tangerine is the best breakfast in East County.

Breakfast Burrito

EC – Santiagos: Only in Colorado, Santiagoes is serving up the best breakfast burrito around. Hot, mild, or ½ and ½ are the options and that’s good enough for us. Big enough to satisfy, small enough to have multiple.

B – Blackbelly: People crave this stuff. Blackbelly is owned by Top Chef, Hosea Rosenberg who is changing the way we see Ranch to table with his old world style butchery. His burritos, just like his fine dining, are crafted with locally source ingredients and a whole lotta taste. Awesome.


EC – Huckleberry: Chow down, drink up, kick back and relax as fresh stacks, poached eggs, soft crunchy waffles, immaculate hash, or fresh dripped coffee come your way in this local louisville entity of breakfast food heaven. Brunch up, Boulderites, brunch up.

B – Chautauqua: Amazing views of the Flatirons, a historic setting, and top line food makes this the top choice for     anyone in the area who wants to go out to brunch. It’s great for a special occasion with a big group or for a more intimate, elevated, and relaxing start to your Sunday.


EC – Waterloo: Whether stealthily ensconced in a private both, absorbing warmth from above on the rooftop patio, or firmly seated at one of the bars, you have access to the epic, the monstrous, the glorious Waterlook burger. In fact, I was just caught by the boss sneaking off from work for one. Try it today.

B – Dark Horse: Eccentric decor, weekly trivia, awesome student specials, pool, and a good time. Best burger in Boulder served up fresh from the little window by the bar. Come here with friends, have dinner, have a drink, and let your eyes wander at all the strange things hanging from the ceiling.


EC – Tings: When lots of people try Ting’s Place for the first time, either for lunch or dinner, they can’t believe they didn’t get there sooner. They like menu items, the atmosphere, the service and the restaurant is a beautiful place to spend time in.

B – China Gourmet: Who doesn’t like Chinese food. Located up broadway, China Gourmet has great Chinese food served in a intimate setting with generous portions great to stay or to go. Don’t forget your cash or a check, it’s all they’ll accept.


EC – Brewing Market: Not only does this place have a nice calm and quiet setting to enjoy your coffee and a snack while you read the news or converse with a loved one, they have anything you need to bring high quality coffee home with you. Come here for coffee and fulfill any need you may have from espresso machines to mugs and all that in between.

B – Ozo’s: Maybe I’m a little extra but I appreciate a well crafted cappuchino. It’s not a latte, so the foam needs to be done just right. Ozo caters to all, and is up for any challenge to give the customer what they desire. Wonderful art lines the walls, people type away on their computers, and coffee fills the air.


EC – Aimes Love: We’re just going to say it. There is a lot to love about Aimee’s Love. For those who can’t tolerate gluten, they won’t miss it among all the amazing menu options. For breakfast you’ve got crepes, quiches, breads, and sandwiches. Lunch shines with panini pressed deliciousness and soups. Pages of baked items have also been delighting East County guests.

B – Shine: The infamous triplets. Shine has moved to a new location in the Village Boulder Shopping Center. Sure, they have awesome lavender infusions to drink but they’ve won the title of best Gluten-free restaurant in Boulder and we know why. They’re mixing up what we expect and serving delicious food with care.


EC – Button Rock: When East County locals need to hit up a bakery, they go to Button Rock. They come for the delicious flavors, and for the variety which even includes gluten free options. But what has really made a name for this bakery is the spectacular design options for wedding and special occasion cakes that blow customers away.

B – Piece Love and Chocolate: Hidden behind flowers and colors of wonder lies a Boulder chocolaterie worth all of our time. Truffles, cakes, bars, treats, and sweets fill this space with richness. Even just the smells are worth coming by for. Extend your senses and fill your life with a little Piece, love, and chocolate.

Colorado Based Chain

TIE Snarfs & Illegal Petes: Chain restaurants are everywhere, but rarely are they as special as these two places. With so much Colorado history these two have tied for the best Chain in Boulder. Grab a sandwich or a burrito, and put your money into two great Colorado companies.

Green Chile

EC – Efrains: Bigger than the second with more room to party, dine, or meet up with some friends. Efrains is known for the green chili but be careful, it’s hot! This place has tons of options, great margaritas and is in Lafayette’s beautiful main street alongside other Colorado greats.

B: Efrains II: Hot. Their green chili is an experience all on its own. If you are like me you might want to go alone. I think any conversation that was happening died shortly after my green chili showed up. It’s fucking delicious and I say that because of the emotion I am filled with by the sheer heat.


EC – Taj Mahal 3: Taj Mahal consistently nails everything you’d expect a great Indian restaurant to have. The buffet consistently satisfies guests and menu items include vegetarian-friendly options with vegan and gluten-free specialties. Everything is made in house and the staff is as consistently awesome as the food.

B – Curry & Kebob: Honestly the best Indian lunch special around. A large circular plate cradles your main dish, rice, a small dal soup, some fried onion, and some pineapple, to bring you a well rounded meal. Mild, Medium, or Hot are your choices but I’m sure they can spike the heat if you’re up for it.


EC – Gondolier: Huge portions and amazing, fresh, thick pasta keeps East County residents returning here for a fun night out. If you go, don’t skip the garlic bread — or the wine. If you’re looking for something lighter to your meal, their salads are fresh, crisp, and satisfying.

B – Carellis: Boulder’s warm and cozy Italian eatery has been charming guests for nearly three decades. They pride themselves on doing simple things well, with high-quality ingredients and friendly, attentive service. It is unpretentious but still special. Great for celebrations, date night, or just an elevated evening out.


EC – Lunada: I want great mexican food and delicious margaritas and I want them now. I also want the best. Lunada’s got it. Fresh ingredients, old school favorites, quality top shelf tequilas, and wonderful enchiladas coated in flavorful sauces

B – Centro: At Centro, the lime juice in your margarita is as fresh as the rest of the dishes on the menu. Eating here is fun, delicious, and sophisticated. Bold flavors on your plate. A range of tequilas and cocktail ingredients for your glass. That’s why the fans of this restaurant comes back again and again.


EC – 95a: The food here is eclectic, nourishing, and delicious with something for everyone. The cocktails are solid with a great happy hour, and the service is attentive. However, this restaurant is at its best when you’re enjoying it all from a seat on the patio during good weather. Make a reservation, enjoy your food, and see friends.

B – West End Tavern: It’s still winter but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a solution for that. The patio is enjoyable all year round just especially so in the summer. Great food and awesome drinks match your favorite game or your favorite people. Their whisky selection is phenomenal.


EC – Cheese Importers: While we’re come to Cheese Importers for its huge selection of cheese, we’ll stick around for lunch if we can. The bistro has a selection of well-prepared sandwiches, salads, and expectedly delicious cheese plates. They’ve also got plenty of desserts to choose from and an intimate atmosphere that promotes conversation and a slower, more satisfying meal.

B – The Kitchen: I didn’t even know that Elon Musk’s brother. Kimbal owned this place when I first tried it. I loved it all the same. Fame can attract, sure, but good food brings people back. This place is absolutely fantastic, the service is caring and thoughtful, and their lunch menu is the best around.


EC – Snarfs: Perfect for lunch or on the go, Snarf’s is filling the space with pristine sandwich materials on toasty good-looking bread. Try the eggplant Parm, add a little avocado, maybe some bacon, and be on your way. You’ll be back.

B – Snarfs: Everyone knows snarfs. It has huge, delicious sandwiches to fill our every desire. Quick food providing an outlet for the health-buff, the meat-buff, or the veggie-buff. Whatever you want, they got it.


EC – Tortugas: Whether you’re experiencing dinner for two in front of the fire or a group celebration on the patio, Tortugas doesn’t disappoint. Fresh and innovative Caribbean-inspired seafood dishes are served in the intimate setting of a converted historic home. When you’re here, any meal feels like a vacation.

B – Jax: Did you know that even in New York, most of the seafood is flown in? So give it a break, even us landlocked states can have great seafood. Jax is providing fresh seafood in beautiful fashion. From mix plates, to soups, and filets, Jax is the best seafood in Boulder with a great happy hour and intimate bar. You can even draw on the table covers.


EC – Martinos: They’ve won before and now they’ve won again.This old school joint has taken the victory for themselves with their sweet Italian vibes and their fantastic pizzas to bring you a place for the whole family to enjoy.

B – Cosmos: Cosmos is great pizza that comes in sizes up to 24”, that’s two feet. Whether you’re taking it to go or coming by for a slice, Cosmos has been around for a long time and with so much popularity is easy to understand why. Best Pizza in Boulder.


EC – Village Tavern: Sure, its convenient to stop here for dinner after an afternoon shopping at Flatirons Mall. But plenty of people go out of the way to come here to enjoy a delicious, perfectly cooked steak, a cocktail, and attentive service. That’s why it received this year’s award for best steak in East County.

B – Steakhouse 316: After success in Aspen, the proprietors of this steakhouse chose to call Boulder home. We’re sure glad they did.  We love the options the raw bar and that we can select any cut of beef and expect it to be perfectly prepared. However, the cocktails and desserts here also make a meal here a night to remember.


EC – Sakura: Diners at Sakura have come to expect both high quality food and flexibility. That’s what keeps them coming back again and again. The sushi doesn’t disappoint, but that’s to be expected. Sakura’s chef and proprietor spent ten years in New York City learning his craft before coming to Longmont.

B – Sushi Zanmai: I can’t think about Sushi Zanmai without thinking about their Saturday night Super Happy Hour Karaoke. It is the closest thing I’ll find to heaven. Their chefs are the best in the business slicing top shelf fish as sashimi, nigiri, or onto or into your roles. Try the salmon roe with a quail egg on top if you know what you’re doing, or try the rainbow roll for variety.


EC – Busaba: Modern ambiance and affordable prices are only side benefits to their delicious food. Busaba is bringing great Thai food that we can resist. It’s just so gooood. Try the Som Tum or the Goong Ob Woon Sen.

B – Aloy Thai: Authentic and utterly beautiful. There’s a reason it’s been on diners, drive-ins, and dives. If guy Fieri likes this place I bet you will too. With options to please any patron, Aloy thai is the best Thai food in Boulder. Try the Yellow Curry or the Tom Kha soup.

Healthy Meal

EC – Morning Glory: Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or pricey. And when you go to Morning Glory, it isn’t.. Breakfasts are filling and delicious, a great way to start your day. Elsewhere on the menu, lunchtime salads and sandwiches and dinnertime entrees are as flavorful as they are nourishing.

B – Leaf: Scrumdiliumcious! Healthy food conveyed through joyous indulgence for all to enjoy. Whoever you may be, and whatever you may eat, want to eat, care to eat, or desire to eat, Leaf has something for you to escape reality and transcend into temporary foodie heaven.


EC – Pho Cafe: Pho is good and Pho Cafe has got it. Tastful, athentic, and thoughfully present, Pho Cafe is has great food. By the way, it’s pronounce fuh

B – Chez Thuy: I’m not even surprised that Chez Thuy has won again. They continue to be the reigning champion of forever and it seems they’ll continue to do so for forever more. Continue to ignite our souls Chez Thuy is the best Vietnamese food around.


EC – TIE Marcos Hot Dogs & Taco Wagon Lafayette: Yup. The waits for Lafayette’s most authentic and delicious taco are worth it and the price, $5 for three tacos, can’t be beat. Once you have them in hand, the seasoned meats, onions, and cilantro will be a highlight of your day. If you want to venture beyond the tacos, you can enjoy one of the area’s most talked about breakfast burritos or deliciously prepared tortas.

B – BAR T/aco: This crazy good spot in Boulder’s downtown has wowed many guests into inarticulate satisfaction. Just check out their online reviews! Whether its for a celebration, part of a date night, or a quick lunch, the fresh selection of tacos, amazing guac, and sippable margaritas leave guests happy, satisfied, and eager to return.

Hot Dog

EC – Jonnys of Longmont: Chicago dog, hot dog, chili dog, cheese dog, chili cheese dog, brat, polish, italian, DOGS! They got em, we want em. Located in Longmont there is an art to the dog and they’ve mastered it. Come on buy for dogs, dogs and more, add some kraut, mustard, ketchup or whatever else you might want and chow down. DOGS!

B – Freddies Hot Dogs of Boulder – Since the 1980’s, Freddie’s has been serving hot dogs, brats, polish sausages, and more from out of a cart and right into the mouths of their happy customers. Sure, it’s no-frills, but it is delicious. It is also a convenient way to stay outdoors during lunch and enjoy what’s happening on the Pearl St. Mall.

Libations Winners


Overall Bar

EC – Pumphouse: Sports bar meet great beer. With enough space to accommodate you, your friends, your friend’s friends and all your coworkers, this place is perfect for getting together, drinking good beer, eating quality food, and watching the game.

B – No Name Bar: Live music, handmade wooden interior, skilled mixologists, cosmo’s pizza. This speakeasy is an absolute Boulder gem providing a beautiful aesthetic to your drinking experience. Music changes daily, with all-day happy hour on Mondays. Just look for the big wooden door.


EC – Left Hand: Craft beer is a Colorado thing, don’t believe what the other states say. Craft beer and Colorado are two peas in a pod and we’re glad Left Hand is right there with us. With more beers than we can taste, they are providing a wonderful experience so come by, tour the facility, have a flight, and get to know a Boulder County staple.

B – Avery: You know it, we know it, they know it. Avery is a Boulder legend and rightfully so. With 30 beers and tap room rarities you are guaranteed to find what you want, and more. Take a tour, have some food, drink a beer, and kick back with your friends and the lovely Avery employees.


EC – On Point: Our readers agree that this Lafayette Distillery has earned its name. Family operated, their carefully crafted spirits are great on their own or in delicious cocktails. The helpful staff is equally happy to let you discover their spirits through a tasting, arrange for a tour, or enjoy drinks on the patio on a sunny day.

B – TIE Vapor Distillery: This award-winning distillery was the first to be licensed in Boulder (in 2007) and is happy to host you around its beautiful bar. When you go, you’ll find more than a dozen unique products to choose from. Sip them, try them in a cocktail, or take them home. You can’t go wrong with any choice.

B – TIE Deviant DV8: After getting its start as a basement distillery run by three friends, this home of delicious craft vodka and gin has grown up and become a Boulder favorite. Its taproom is open five days a week and offers a happy hour with $2 off their cocktails.

Bloody Mary

EC – 24 Carrot: Start your brunch right with the best bloody mary in the East County. 24 Carrot is one of the hottest restaurants around and home to renowned chef Kevin Kidd. This place is serving up a bloody mary of absolute perfection. Part meal, part drink, 100 percent Sunday morning rejuvenation.

B -Foolish Craigs: There’s nothing foolish, or even remotely funny, about the bloodies at Foolish Craig’s. Their interpretation of this savory cocktail standard offers the perfect reason to spend your Sunday brunch at this Pearl Street bistro. Sure, there are a lot of bloody marys in Boulder. This version holds its own against any of them.

Happy Hour

EC – 95a: A delicious conglomerate of japanese fusion and tapas, happy hour is your chance to indulge in a variety of deliciousness. From Sushi to Caprese, Gambas to Korean BBQ ribs, this place is mixing up and redirecting our expectations to new heights.

B -Brasserie 1010: French class served up at great prices from 3-630pm daily. Brasserie (Brass-er-ie) 1010 is pairing your favorite martini or cocktail with thoughtfully displayed fromage and charcuterie, delicately prepared roasted bone marrow, or beef tartare. A slice of the old world right here in Boulder, Colorado.


EC – TIE EfrainsLUNADA: You just couldn’t decide, could you? No matter, we don’t mind, we just had to visit both and make sure they match the hype. They do. Best margarita in East County is a tug-a-war between Efrains and Lunada. Well crafted margaritas beyond the basic. Mix it up, add some triple sec, have it coin, add rocks, salt or don’t. Whatever you do, be sure to visit them soon.

B – Rio Grande: Find me lounging on their roof top terrace on a hot summer day carefully eyeing the Flatirons as I’m graciously misted and holding the best margarita in Boulder. Whatever you want, they can make it, and make it well. It may not be summer yet, but margaritas taste good no matter the weather, maybe add some chips and guac to settle the mood.


EC – DJ Reimer-24 Carrot: D.J. Reimer is changing the way we drink. Home liqueurs, smoked cocktails, nitrogen-extracted infusions, D.j. is tearing up the norm and supplementing our existence with a drinking experience beyond anything we’ve ever tasted. Oh yeah, and he’s doing it at one of Boulder’s best restaurants.

B – Bitter Bar: Attention to detail. There’s a difference between adding lemon zest and allowing the zesting to only mist your martini. Perhaps it’s overkill but it makes a difference. Trust me. The Bitter Bar pays attention and is providing the best cocktails in Boulder.

Liquor Store

EC – DaveCo: DaveCo is voted East County’s best liquor store and with good reason. Having everything you need to restock, you can find old classics or new revelations. Perhaps you want to make that complex looking cocktail you had the other night. This place has what you need to do so. So go, be all you can be, change the world, make what you’ve never made before.

B – Hazels: Absolutely Massive. Hazel’s literally has everything anyone could want, and more. From foreign to domestic, top shelf to sacks of wine, they have anything adult beverage you could want. They also have proper drinking accessories, snacks, fine meats and cheeses, kegs, and anything you might need. They also have a great points system.

Wine Shop

EC – Atlas Valley: Some people are intimidated by the range of possibilities they face when selecting wine. Others are more confident. They’re looking for certain types of wine for their meal or a special occasion. The staff and wine buyers at Atlas Valley in Lafayette are knowledgeable enough to be able to accommodate everyone.Stop by and you’ll see what we mean.

B – Wine Merchant: If you’re like me you probably don’t know every wine in the world. However, wine merchant and their wonderful employees come pretty close to knowing. Come here with an idea and leave with the perfect bottle to tie the evening together. Whether you want buttery, dry, sweet, a Riesling or a Port, they got what you need and what you don’t.

Health Winners


Day Spa

EC – Sunflower Spa: When East County locals are looking for premium spa services, they’re likely to be told to head to Sunflower Spa. Services include both relaxing day treatments that ease stress to medi-spa treatments that can help you look and feel years younger.

B – TIE  St Julien: With access only for hotel guests or with a spa booking, one of Boulder’s most prestigious hotels offers you a day (or multiple) of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. From massages to facials, skin care to scrubs and wraps, come take a dip in the pool, or a soak in the hot tub, while you gaze upon the towering flatirons.

B – TIE Dragontree: Located in the heart of Pearl Street, The Dragontree is our Boulder readers’ choice for a relaxing day spa experience. Their focus is on helping community members experience peace and joy as they release the stress and tension that keeps them from becoming the best version of themselves


EC – Sunflower Spa: If stress, tension, and signs of aging are going to appear anywhere first, they’ll be on your face. When you want to do something about it, the experts at Sunflower Spa are East County’s choice to help. When you leave you’ll look and feel more radiant.

B – Dragontree: The Dragontree isn’t just Boulder’s choice for overall spa services, its our readers’ top choice for a facial as well. If you are heading there for a relaxing afternoon, be sure to include it in any group of therapies you have. You won’t regret it.


EC – Maven: Maven Hair Studio is the salon that our east county readers trust to help them look their best. If you want to change your haircolor, add some highlights, or update your cut, you can count on their stylists to know what will look great on you. They’re the area’s go-to spot for creating a special occasion look too.

B – Voodoo: Pearl Street’s Voodoo Hair Lounge is the place our Boulder readers turn to when they want to update their look. If you want something traditional, sure they can do that with precision. If you want to take a risk, their stylists are expertly trained to create something that will look great on you.


EC – Brooklyn Barber Shop: Brooklyn transplant Ja’Mal Gilmore loves the community atmosphere of barbershops and has operated in Boulder County for more than 12 years. His business goes beyond just a place to cut hair. He’s developed it as a gathering space that provides youth mentorship opportunities and educational opportunities for both the public and members of the industry.

B – Truman: At Truman Barber Company, the talent in their laid back, attentive staff is as sharp as their scissors. They know what it takes to help a man look his best, feeling refreshed and confident. Pair this with a chill vibe and records on vinyl, and it’s no wonder this place gets crowded.


EC – Elements: The world is a stressful place. You need to relax. Lots of our readers do it with a massage at Elements on South Boulder Road in Louisville. They have a range of services including several types of massage in a soothing atmosphere. Monthly membership options and introductory prices for new members are also available. aliquam erat volutpat

B – Moving Mountains Massage: If you’re one of the many people who’s splurged on a quick chair massage while shopping at Alfalfas, you’ve experienced Moving Mountains.They’re flexible enough to provide both portable chair massages and more formal, table massage at their relaxing studio. Either way, their goal is to help customers find balance and well-being, that improves their life.


EC – Rachels Hair Studio (Julia): Getting a manicure or a pedicure is a relaxing treat that also helps you to look polished and professional. Erie’s Rachel’s Hair Studio makes the experience fun, with a funky, friendly vibe where you feel like you’re part of the family the minute you walk past the front garden and through the door.

B – J Lounge: Lots of manicure products are full of gross chemicals. At jlounge you’ll never see them. They provide a relaxing treatment with a host of all natural, artisan nail care products that you can feel good about. While you’re there you can also take advantage of their skincare, waxing, and massage services.

MediSpa (MedicalTreatments)

EC – TIE Aesthetic Solutions: How you look on the outside is important. It is the first thing that people notice about you when you meet them, so knowing that you look great can make you more confident. Lafayette’s Aesthetic Solutions has been helping their clients achieve and maintain healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin. The result, a better overall appearance that leaves them feeling great.

EC – TIE Ageless Health: There’s a lot that goes into helping you look and feel your best. When you enter her clinic, Dr. Judy Hobson at Ageless Health uses a combination of science, medecine, and art in a beautiful, relaxing setting. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Ready to show your best face to the world.

B – Aura: This practice offers a full range of non-surgical techniques to help you improve your appearance and reduce the signs of aging. If you need them to, they can take your service to the next level, providing a range of surgical services too.


EC – Chiropractic Center of Erie: You’ve got a tight shoulder. A nagging twinge in your back. Or you’re flat off your feet, unable to move. Chiropractors can do wonders. At the Chiropractic Center of Erie, Dr. David Ehrmuntraut and his staff work to naturally get your body back to optimal health so you can enjoy your life again.

B – TIE Chiro Now: When the stress of life or old injuries take their toll on your body, lots of our readers in Boulder go to Chiro Now to get put back together. They appreciate how Dr. Josh listens to them and takes the time to fully understand their needs before he sets to work and gets them on the road to being pain-free.

B – TIE Terry Chiropractic: Dr. Terry offers the hard to find discipline of chiropractic biophysics, and his patients love it. This approach combines a focus on a range of areas to fully address your body’s issues. And it’s worked. They’ve helped clients ranging from the average person to highly active athletes and everyone in between.


EC – Jasper: Does your dog or cat need a checkup? Did they get themselves into some mischief? Or did you just get a new fur friend and you’re looking for quality medical care. Lafayette’s Jasper Animal Hospital has become the caring, knowledgeable source for pet medical care for our East County readers.

B – Boulder Natural Animal Hospital: Sometimes you want to take a more natural approach to medical care for your pet. You know traditional methods can work, but you want to broaden what kind of care can be offered. The doctors at Boulder Natural Animal Hospital offer personalized approaches to pet health that are delivered in a relaxing, soothing environment.


EC – Gloria Oberbeck Home of the Healing Arts: Erie-based Dr. Gloria Oberbeck focuses on integrative, holistic healing that cares for your mind, body, and spirit. By making use of nutrition, stress-relief, natural medicines, and alternative therapies, her solutions go far beyond the typical approaches to wellness. With them, she’s helping patients achieve their fullest version of a healthy life

B – Dr Voss/Boulder Centre for Orthopedics: With nearly two decades of experience working on patients ranging from Olympic athletes to professional hockey players and IRONMAN competitors, Dr. Voss has seen it all. That’s why he’s our readers’ choice for a physician. When you need orthopedic care, he’s the person to you’ll want to see.


EC – Beatties: Like your doctor, you want your pharmacist to know who you are and to be able to listen to what you need. You want to know you can trust their knowledge and that they have a range of services to help you. This pharmacy fits the bill. Sure, they have 11,000 patients, but you’d never know it.

B – Pharmaca: Pharmaca is providing Boulder with the healthcare we need. From preventative to immediate solutions, from nutritional supplements to heathy foods and even candy, their staff provides a pleasant and thoughtful experience for all, whether you want to be there or not. Pharmaca is the best place in Boulder to get well, stay well, and feel well.


EC – Susie Germany/Germany Law Firm: Community members often experience family changes that require a great lawyer. When East County residents need help with wills and probate, estate planning, and elder law , they turn to Germany Law Firm. Their compassion, expertise, and dedication to helping the community set them apart from others in the field. We’re glad they’re here!

B – Ballis & Barrett: With more than 40 years experience practicing law in Colorado, John Barrett of Balis and Barrett can be trusted to provide information on the divorce process and areas connected to it. The overall practice also helps with small business advice, bankruptcy advice and more. Their clients find that its a pleasure to work with them in even the toughest situations.

Medical Center

EC – Boulder Community: With offices now in both Lafayette and Erie, Boulder Community Hospital is making a name for itself in East County. Quality and efficient service in emergency rooms, caring and competent physicians, and a range of practice areas contribute to their great reputation.

B – Boulder Medical Center: Locally owned, deep in the arts of healing, and ready to treat you like one of their own instead of another number in a waiting room, BMC is showered with praise and appreciation by many. Pop in for any problem and see how well they treat you.


EC – Longmont United Hospital

B – Boulder Community Foothills: Since 1922, Boulder Community Hospital has been the City’s nonprofit hospital. Recently, changes have been happening to the hospital as it continues to grow, closing its aging campus on Broadway and Balsam, and expanding services into other locations. We’ll be watching along with everyone else to see how the hospital continues to serve the public.

Tattoo Shop

EC – Inksmith: Since 2012, Inksmith has been providing the area with great artists and a professional piercer with tons of options for you to have the style you want. Tattoos are serious commitments and we want good quality. Inksmith has been voted the best place to find your next piece.

B – Bolder Ink: Getting a tattoo is a big deal that you don’t want to regret. Bolder Ink is voted the best Tattoo Shop for the experience they provide and the work they produce. Call in, schedule your consultation, and cover that temple in art!

Sporting Goods Winners


Bike Shop

EC – Louisville Cyclery: Louisville is a beautiful quaint town perfect for cycling. Whether you’re going around town or hitting your first century in the flat lands, Louisville Cyclery is there to support you along the way. Get a bike, get some tires, or just some nutrient supplements.

B – University: Mountain bikes, road bikes, street bikes, cruiser bikes, small bikes, big bikes, they got em. They also have literally anything else you could need to update, refresh, or complete your wheel self powered (or not) machine. Come by for excellent customer service and all the variety you could need to stay in the saddle.

Ski Shop

EC – Fox Trot: Ski Shop / Bike Shop, no reason to really go anywhere else. East County’s best Ski Shop, they’ll rent, sell, and help you get what you need to make the drive into the incredible Rocky Mountains to tear it up. Whether you’re a first timer or a pro, they’re there for you.

B – Crystal Ski Shop: Dang, is that the worlds best skiing a mere two hours away from Boulder? Sure is. If you’re looking to get set up, upgraded, or tuned up, go check out Crystals for all your shredding necessities. Come on by, chat with the staff and figure out how to stoke up the flame of the gauntlet of gnar that burns within you.

Sporting Goods

EC – Jax Outdoor Gear: Everything you need to be outside. Whether you’re working on ranch, climbing the flatirons, or shredding alongside an avalanche, Jax Outdoor Gear has everything Coloradans need to get outside, stay outside, and stay safe. Located centrally in Lafayette, it’s the best in town.

B – Neptune Mountaineering: Are you kidding me? A massive locally owned, independent, brick and mortar single store outdoor gear shop that provides high quality goods and service without cutting back on product variety? Bye bye, capitalistic corporate overlords, hello, Neptune Mountaineering. Voted best Sporting Goods store in Boulder, they’re giving you the tools to get out.

Golf Course

EC – Indian Peaks: Get your game on at 5,280ft on one of the areas most beautiful Golf Courses. Designed by Hall of Fame player Hale Irwin, Indian Peaks, has been providing absolute golfing beauty since 1993. With views of the Flatirons and the Rockies, come by for a quick range session or a full course experience.

B – Flatirons: Voted the best Golf Club in Boulder, it’s open year round on 125 acres with views of the Flatirons. Come on out, take a lesson, visit the pro shop, and don’t settle for just a par. The Flatirons Golf Course, is here to let you unwind and take in it’s beautiful setting as you play the most deceptively simple and endlessly complicated game there ever was.


EC – YMCA: We write it, your sing it. It’s fun to stay at the … It’s all about the rhythm. Well continue you that rhythm and come on down to the best gym voted by you, the people. The YMCA organization is an American legend having been around since 1844. They’re still here, and for good reason.

B – YMCA: Again! Why Em See Eh! It’s fun to stay at the.. I don’t think this place needs my words of enthusiasm and descriptive genius for you to know what the YMCA is. It’s been around for a long time and for good reason, it’s the best gym in Boulder.

Rec Center

EC – Bob Burger: For just $5.75 or $4.00 for youth and seniors, the Bob Burger Rec. Center is your place to have fun exercise, and be outside. With so many amenities, it’s no wonder they’ve voted the best place in town to get outside, or work out inside. Basketball, a whirlpool, a weight room, and an indoor pool are just a few to mention.

B – East Boulder Rec: $11 for adults, $8.25 for seniors, $6.50 for youths. Best Rec. Center in Boulder is the East Boulder Community Center. With so many amenities, great courses, classes, and even childcare, it’s a great place for everyone to find something. Dance studio, steam room, lap pool, indoor climbing/boulder wall, are a few to mention.

Ski Resort (Daytrip)

Eldora: The local mountain. Whether you drive or take the bus, Eldora is waiting for you boot up, drop in, and remember, it’s all in the hips. Providing skiers with a whole swath of variety since 1962, Eldora has been voted the best place to ski for a day trip. With Nederland nearby, you’ve really got all you need pre and post gnar.

Ski Resort (Overnight)

Winter Park Resort: One Mountain, Seven Territories. You voted, we heard. Winter Park Resort is the best place for an overnight ski trip for Boulder Residents. Start the day early to catch those – hopefully powder day – freshies, finish the day late with some apres ski. Pick one of the many lodging opportunities, watch a movie, go out for a drink, or find yourself soaking in the hot tub, sore, and yearning the shred

Martial Arts

EC – Vision Quest: They’re offering a four week trial for you to come in and get your martial arts on! Great classes and opportunities for people of all ages to learn martial arts, Vision Quest has won the votes of the people to be named the best Martial Arts center in the EC. Build your physical fitness, assertiveness, self-awareness, and confidence with Vision Quest.

B – Boulder Karate: The mind is a delicate object, thirsty for stimulation and endorphins. Boulder Karate offers classes for all ages bringing people together to learn, to defend, and to practice their five values, Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self-Control, and Heart.

Yoga Studio

EC – Soul Tree Yoga: Let’s get Flexible at Soul Tree Yoga. More than just that, Yoga has been proven to descrease stress and progress a healthy style. Come on by to stretch your mind, body, and soul, as you make your way through one of the many courses they offer and end with a pleasant savasana (that’s my favorite.)

B – The Little Yoga Studio: There are lots of yoga studios to choose from but the little one won. The little Yoga studio in Boulder is providing you with an outlet to strengthen your mental and physical health. With initmate class sizes and caring instructors, the little yoga studio is offer you a big Asana (variety of poses)

Pilates Studio

EC – Rocky Mountain Pilates: Lafayettes best Pilates studio is here for you to provide a profound system of exercises. Improve your physical strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness, in a safe and encouraging environment for all. They even do teacher training!

B – The Pilates Center: In 1990 the Taylor sisters, Amy and Rachel started their own studio after studying under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protege. They’re providing Boulder with the highest quality Pilates and your chance to get or stay fit. A place of guidance and encouragement, it’s the best in Boulder.

Retail Winners


Shoe Store

EC – Browns: Longmont’s best shoe shop has all the best brands to keep your feet comfy and your style fresh. Oboz, Birkenstock, Dankso, and ECCO are a few to name but the list goes on and on. Whether you’re looking for style or functionality, Browns is the place to go.

B – Pedestrian Shop: Shoes. Clogs. Boots. From Birkenstocks to Blundstones, Danskos to Crocs, they got what we need for our feet. Pedestrian Shop has been taking care of Boulder’s feet since 1969, that’s 50 years, and they’re still going strong. Located downtown on Boulders, pedestrian zone, Pedestrian Shop is local, helpful, and providing high quality service and care.


EC – Carbon Valley Eyecare: With great doctors and a fantastic selection, Carbon Valley Eyecare is redirecting you from just ok to spectacular eyewear. If you’re looking for an upgrade, or your glasses have become opaque, the time is right to look around for a new pair.

B – Aspen Eyewear: The largest selection of eyewear in Boulder, Aspen Eyewear is not only there for you to get yourself back to perfect vision but to look good doing so. Styles, colors, and shapes to suit even the most precise desires, Aspen Eyewear is the best place to get yourself a new set of glasses.


EC – Eric Olson: A master Jeweler creating amazing local inspired pieces. Bridal jewlery, colored stones, modern designs, hand engravings, whatever you are looking for to surprise your loved one or yourself, Eric Olson is providing Boulder County with beautiful pieces.

B – Angie Star: Near Mountain Sun on Pearl, this centrally located jewelry store has beautiful pieces for your enjoyment. Buy for yourself or for someone else something lovely and get a little assistance doing so with one of their friend staff members. They know jewelry and you know what you might want, together you can find perfection.

Fashion Boutique for Women

EC – Ivy Rose: Ivy Rose is your self-proclaimed shopping best friend. Their stylists are talented and are there to work with you to find what you’re looking for. Whatever the occasion may be they were closely with their customers to find the perfect outfit, dress, or even a hat! They go beyond the mere retailer and fill where many lack with the professionalism of a stylist.

B – Barbara & Co: High Fashion located right here in Boulder. With a wide assortment of sweaters, tops, dresses, accessories, scarves, and much, much more, this is the best fashion boutique for women in Boulder. Turn your collection into the very best, with Barbara & Company.

Men’s Clothing

EC – Old Town Outfitters: Near the Pumphouse in Longmont, Old Town Outfitters in the midst of the hustle and bustle of old town Longmont, one of the hottest places for a weekend stroll or window shopping extravaganza. Voted the best place for mens clothing in town, it’s the best place for you to finally update that wardrobe, without the headaches of department store shopping.

B – Weekends: Central Pearl Street on the intersection of Broadway is Weekends. Classy, beautiful, elegant clothing for the dressed up or casual occasion. This was voted best clothing for the men, but they’ve got fine clothes for all. Rag & bone, Boglioli, Eton, to name a few.

Consignment Clothing

EC – Fabulous Finds: Self-proclaimed 5000sq ft of guilt free retail shopping. Not only is it cheaper, it’s great to reuse things that others have gotten rid of. They care for their products to provide you an experience that carefully selects and sells products worth using. Best place for consignment clothes in East County.

B – Rags Consignment: They say it, we write it. It doesn’t have to be new to be perfect. Used clothing like new at great prices are yours for the buying. Rags Consignment is the best place to stock up your wardrobe at reasonable prices. Whatever you may need, they probably have. Carefully selecting products worth reusing they are selling the best used clothes in Boulder.

Kids Store

EC – Grandrabbits: Lynne Milot started Grandrabbits in 1977, now they have three locations across the front range. Two of them winning best kids store in the area, Grandrabbits has everything you and your kid might want to light up their eyes with joy. New toys, educational toys, stuff animals, and many, many more great products.

B – Grandrabbits: The original store. Grandrabbits has been around since 1977 with three locations now. They are providing the best kids store experience around and a great place to buy locally and to buy great gifts for kids of all ages. Buy for your own or for your friends kids, they have lots and lots of different toys to suit all.

Gift Shop

EC – Elizabeths Embellishments: Embellish your life with Elizabeth’s Embellishments. They’re the best gift shop in the EC and a great place to find cute and special knick knacks, home decor items, and fun things to gift to your friends, family, or co-workers. If you’re in need of something great, check here.

B – Jacque Michelle: Jewelry, knick knacks, scarves, toys, and so much more. A great place to find a gift for a special person in your life, or something to bring for someone new in your life. Whatever you may need, there is certainly something to be found at Jacque Michelle, it’s voted the best gift shop in Boulder!


B- Alfalfas: Everybody know’s Alfalfas. It’s local, it’s central, it’s walking distance to the Pearl. From fresh fresh veggies, to freshly cooked lunches and dinners in the back. Alfalfas is most certainly a Boulder staple that has been loved and cherished by all. Love what you eat, love yourself.

Musical Instruments

EC – Lafayette Music: Music is life. It makes a party, it soothes the soul, it stimulates the mind. Listening is great, playing your own, is divine. It can be hard to pick up a new instrument, Lafeyette Music is there to help, providing the tools, books, instruments, and help you need to bring sweet sweet symphony back into your life.

B – HB Woodsongs: Boulder’s best music store has lessons, books, instruments galore, for your musical pleasure. If you’re in the market for a high end Gibson guitar or something for the beginner, HB Woodsongs is the best place in Boulder to start or continue your journey. Shred on my musical Boulderites, shred on.

Pet Supply

EC – Struttin Pup: Puppies are really, really cute. They also need a lot of attention, care, affection, and exercise! They also need treats and food and toys and cute outfits, bones, stuff to chew on, and comfy things to sleep on. Struttin Pup is there to give your puppy or dog, or pet what they need and want, all you need to do is go buy it.

B – PC’s Pantry: The secret lives of cats and dogs is a great mystery. What do they really do when we’re out of the house? Where do they go? Who do they meet? What are they doing under those covers? We may never know, but with proper toys, food, treats, and stuff to sleep or chew on, we at least know they’re happy. Pc’s Pantry is there for them.

Old Town

Lafayette: A weekend stroll down Old Town Lafayette is beautiful for all. Great food, fun events, nice shops to look around, and gently leaning trees bring you the area’s best Old Town. Meet a friend for coffee, have dinner, or come to the annual peach festival.

Shopping District/Center

Longmont: Longmont is roaring to life with new shops, awesome restaurants, and a fantastic growing community of outdoorsy and kind people. Voted the best place to shop, Longmont has something for the whole family. Whether you’re out for sunday brunch, or a weekday happy hour, there’s plenty for all to enjoy.


EC – Barbed Wire Books: I want a bookstore that smells like a bookstore. Somewhere I can get lost, ruminating around the seemingly infinite amount of knowledge that surrounds me. Somewhere that I can wander from one work to the next, gently simmering in the realization that each on resembles the heart and soul of another. Barbed Wire Books. Go.

B – Boulder Bookstore: You know it, Boulder loves it. It’s Boulder’s largest independent bookstore. Having moved into their current location in 1991, the Boulder Bookstore has had a fascinating history of literature greats come through their doors. Come by for an event, a book reading or signing, or maybe some chocolate, and peruse the thousands and thousands of Books that line their walls.


EC – Due South: Cute clothing at reasonable prices. Due South specializes in clothing that amplifies and evokes your inner style. A great place to buy a new dress, get some accessories, or maybe a new top to find that perfect outfit you’ve been looking for.

B – Arhaus: Our house .. dun dun.. in the middle of the street, Arhaus…  got the furniture that we need. It may not be the jingle they use but I definitely enjoyed writing it. However, what I enjoyed more was going through their amazing catalog of high-quality beautiful furniture. They’re right here in Boulder in the 29th street mall.

Home Decor

EC – Just Dandy: A home is a place of comfort and beauty. Putting our efforts into making so requires time and skill. Just Dandy, is a great place to find what you need to turn your house into a home, with beautiful decor, lovely scents, and things that are just… Just Dandy!

B – Canova Home: High quality home decor goods are located right here, right on Pearl Street. The storefront is cute and home to fabulous goods to amplify your home. From leaf lamps and onyx stone lamps to haitian art. Canova Home is providing you with unique pieces of a unique home like yours

Consignment Home

EC – Simply Home: No reason to buy new when you can buy basically new home items and help the world become a little more sustainable. Consignment stores are great, and many of us use them. Simply Home is the best place in the county to buy goods to improve your home.

B – Clutter Consignment: Great furniture for better prices! Consignment stores are out key to great stuff without paying the fresh of the factory price tag. Clutter Consignment is the best place in Boulder to buy your used furniture and other home goods, at great prices and great quality.

Home Improvement

EC – Jax: Improving your home is important. Making it your own, keeping up the value, and making it safe and secure are great for so many reasons. Jax is the best place in the east county to help you along the way as you improve your home, make it your own, and keep it that way.

B – McGuckins: A Boulder staple of fixing stuff. Their staff is fantastic, and their products are high quality and good prices. McGuckin’s has been around since 1955 helping Boulder County get what they need to get done what needs to get done. From the lawn to the motorcycle and everywhere in between McGuckins a one stop shop for all your home improvement needs.


EC – Lafayette Florist: What’s more beautiful than filling your home with life and color. Maybe getting that lover of mine to finally bring some home for me! I know I’ll be slipping them a note with Lafeyette Florist on it just to give a little hint. Either way, it’s the best place to get some flowers, plants, and all the necessary accessories.

BC – Sturtz & Copeland: I love plants. Seriously. If you’re indifferent towards them, it’s understandable. They’re hard to care for, and harder to identify. However, Sturtz & Copeland has been helping Boulder find their flora niche and does so well. Come by for all your plant based needs and spice up your life with … life!

Natural Goods

Vitamin Cottage: Guess what. They don’t just sell vitamins, although a lot of their foods probably contain vitamins. Vitamin Cottage is the best place in Boulder to pick up your natural goods. Come revamp, tweek, edit, and mash up, your relationship with food and all it’s delicious glory. Whether you’re looking for fresh veggies, delectable meat alternatives, or pea based protein supplements, they got it.

Marijuana Dispensary (21+)

EC – Herbal Wellness: Dispensaries have had plenty of time to establish themselves since Colorado legalized. Now, it’s our turn to decide which is the best. You voted, we wrote, Herbal Wellness is the best in the EC and your 21+ place to stock up on all your cannabis based needs.

B – The Farm: Weed. It’s now become an integral part of Colorado (and many other states). However, it’s not always the case that you are stumbling upon the best, freshest, or cleanest flower around. The farm has been voted the best place to go for recreational marijuana products in Boulder, by you, the local indulgers.

(Medicinal) Root: Before the recreational dispensaries made their way to Colorado, medical ones had been there for all those who needed Marijuana for the medical ailments. Root is the best place to do so, come on by, be sure to have your medical card and stock up on all your cannabis needs to feel better.

Glass/Vape Store

Pipefitter: Smoking has necessities. Some ways, for some people, are better than other ways, and each person has their own way of doing so, so we need options. Pipefitter has options and products you need, you want, and even those you didn’t know you wanted or needed. They got it all.

Entertainment Winners


Fair or Festival

Art Night Out Lafayette: Lafayette’s summer arts and music festival happens once a month from May to September and is beloved by the community. Artists, Colorado live music on stage, and street performers keep the crowds entertained and engaged. Food trucks and local restaurants keep everyone fed and happy.

Live Music Venue

Boulder Theater: Dating back to 1906, Boulder Theatre has been serving up the arts in an intimate, well-crafted, and enjoyable setting. Hosting everything from film festivals to rock legends, the Boulder Theatre is an iconic Boulder Gem, known as one of the great live venues in the Rocky Mountains.

Movie Theater

Dairy Art Center: If you’re looking for a theater experience that’s beyond the scope of a mass-released Hollywood movie, check out what’s showing at the Dairy Arts Center. From their comfortable chairs you can watch some interesting stuff. The award-nominated films everyone’s talking about, a film about the Grateful Dead, or the series of one-woman performances that inspired the hit show Fleabag. The variety of what’s shown here makes this a hands-down favorite.


BMOCA: A visit to this nonprofit arts center is always enlightening, challenging and stimulating. Its exhibits will help you see things in a new way and can be a great place to stop after a morning at the Farmer’s market. After you’re done, stop at the Dushanbe Tea House that’s just down the street.


Lafayette History: Lots of cities and towns operate museums that showcase their history. When the community loves their museum, that makes a statement. This museum highlights the fascinating era when coal mining was central to the economy in Lafayette and in neighboring towns. There are some great stories here that are worth a visit.

Pumpkin Patch

Anderson Farms: Every Halloween season Anderson Farms draws multiple school groups during the day and endless lines of cars from late afternoon until well after dark. That’s because going here is a great experience. The farm’s complex has corn mazes, haunted houses, pumpkins, unhealthy fall snacks, bonfires, vendor’s booths, and more. Families, couples, and groups of friends are in for hours of fun on each visit.

Theater Company

Boulder Ensemble Theater: This ten year old theater company is a community favorite because it places an emphasis on creative storytelling. It carefully selects everything that it puts up on stage and past performances have included The Santaland Diaries, Pride and Prejudice, and The Realistic Joneses.


Quarters Bar+Arcade: With barely a year under their belt, Quarters has pinballed their way into one of Longmont’s best new bars. From craft brews, ciders, seltzers, or wines, they’re all on tap, and they’re all self serve. Come down, pour your own, crush some highscores, and see why this place is the number one arcade around.

Services Winners

Auto Repair

EC – Stan’s Automotive: Dang. My car needs works and I really hate dealing with that. I want a company that does good work with a good attitude, and kind service. Stan’s Automotive has been voted the best place to get work down in the EC. Whether you need serious or mild work, they’re there to help you figure out what the solution is.

B – Pellmans: Pellmans is helping Boulder fix their cars and maintain them to stay fixed. A car is a continuous project that needs work and needs it to be done well. Pellmans has been voted the best place in Boulder for you to get back on the road and stay there.

Landscaper Service

EC – Outdoor Craftsman: Hanging out outside your house should be comfy and cozy. Outdoor Craftsman is bringing the indoors out, and providing you with all your needs to transform outdoor areas into a spectacular outdoor experience for all to enjoy. From outdoor kitchens, to seating, to pergolas, they’re there to amp up your backyard.

B – Native Edge Landscaping: High end quality landscaping to transform your property from dust to dawn with everything you could want. Whether you want major architectural changes, or you want a water slide for you pool, or maybe just a firepit, Native Edge Landscaping is there to work with you closely to transform your space.


EC – Brandy Unruh Colorado Real Estate: Brandy Unruh is one of the top agents in the area to find you your perfect home. Working closely with her clients needs and desires, she works hard to find just what you want without compromise.

B – Karen Bernardi: Karen Bernardi of the Barnardi group, a firm that has been helping Boulder find perfect homes for 30 years. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’re out for your fifth, Karen has proven herself a dedicated and hard working agent to fulfill whatever you may be looking for or require

Tree Service

Berkelhammer: You’re a homeowner now. That means you have responsibilities. Making sure your trees are safe is one of those. Berkelhammer is the best tree service to assess the trees on your land and cut them down, need be. They also provide care for trees and shrubs, they do pruning, stump grinding, and root allocation.


MESA: Plumbing is a serious business and requires a professional. We also want that professional to do a good job, show up on time, and provide and friendly and careful experience. MESA is the best plumbing business in the area, voted by you, the consumer.

Home Contractor

Ellis Construction: Building and renovating beautiful homes in the area, Ellis construction has been voted the best contractor to build the home of your dream. Whether you’re raising a mansion, or adding an office or a garage, Ellis construction is there to help you through it with professionalism, and quality.


Jared Polis: Our incumbent Governor is well known through the state. His policies have been highly regarded and largely cheered for. He is the first openly gay person to be elected governor and the first jewish person to be elected governor of Colroado. A fighter for civil and human rights, Polis has spurred a lot of change.

Private School

EC – Dawson: Dawson is providing kindergarteners to 12th graders the ability to grow and learn by providing them with high quality education. At Dawson, they work, strive, play and create to be the best school in Boulder. Programs such as global perspectives, athletics, and experiential education are just some of the great possibilities they provide.

B – Bixby School: Since 1970, the Bixby School has served Boulder embracing young people with voice, agency, and talents that have yet to be discovered. Providing a great education is their mission and their reason for being voted the best private school in Boulder.

Public School

B – Boulder High School: Best high school is Boulder. Providing a great education for Boulder’s young people, Boulder High School is graduating students with the capabilities to go on and take on the big bad world with thoughtfulness and diligence.

EC – Erie High School: Schools are important for kids. They need good teachers, safe environments, and lots of possibilities for kids to grow and mature. Erie has been voted the best high school in the east county by providing local students with the ability to learn and grow in a structured and well staffed environment of educational possibilities.

Neighborhood To Live In

Erie Village: Erie Village is really, really cute. Based on the idea that design standards matter, this neighborhood has Frank Lloyd Wright styled homes, coupled with historic looking Victorians. There is even a home that was modeled after the Adams Family. It is also one of the top neighborhoods to trick-n-treat in!

Summer Camp

B – Renaissance Adventures: Every child wants to be a hero. Now they have their chance. Renaissance Adventures is providing healthy and fun summer outlets for kids to make their way upon a quest all their own. Come one, come all, lend them thine ears, ye be requested to take on the world with thee sword. The world needs you, and Renaissance Adventures is there for your summer camp needs.

EC – School of Rock: Rock! Summer is coming and it’s going to be long. Unless you have a great schedule lined up for your kids. Summer camps are hard to find and can be expensive. Give your child the musical experience of the summer with School of Rock. Whatever their calling may be, they’re certain to hone in their talent with the help of their musical instructors.

Bank or Credit Union

Elevations: Banking. You know it, I know it, we all know it. I’m personally not too fond of banking but if I have to engage with it, I want the experience to be enjoyable. Elevations has been voted the best in town for all your financial needs.

Place to Buy a Car

Green Eyed Motors: Buying a car isn’t really that great. Green Eyed Motors however has been voted the best place to do so. Working hard to give you a great experience, Green Eyed Motors is there to help you through a difficult process for selecting, paying or financing, and determining what vehicle is right for you. Complimentary Carfaxs.


KGNU: It may not be a Pirate Radio but it’s local and pretty sweet. Serving up the best independent community radio service in the area, KGNU, is providing us with a quality listening experience addressing real local news with thoughtfulness and knowledge. Next time you’re repeatedly pressing that scan button, switch on over to 88.5FM.

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