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Cider Slushies


Relief from the hot days here often comes in a glass. Enter – the cider slushie. While the other “slushie” was a gas station item meant just for children, the adults are getting in on the fun.


It’s best to experience the cider slushie in a cidery, surrounded by experts in the field and with socially distanced cider fans. Cideries are meeting the demand and marketing their new drink to the masses. Patios grew to accommodate singles and families, and restaurants entice us with a lush slice of cider heaven. If you don’t have time to sit, just get one to go. 


Local restaurant staffers agree this trend is on target. “The slushies are extremely popular here, especially with how hot it has been. Who doesn’t love a good frozen drink?” Sara Timmer from Stem Ciders asks. 


“If you take a look at our Instagram, you can see how excited our guests get for a new slushie. Aside from releasing a new cider, slushie posts usually get the most traction. It helps that they are quite vibrant and beautiful as well.”


Indeed, the colors pop on social media as much as the flavor does in real life. Stem Ciders offers a Watermelon Lime Basil Slushie, with more in the pipeline.


In Longmont, another cidery has entered the slushie dialogue. The more the better.


With stone fruit season in full swing, the St. Vrain Cidery in historic downtown Longmont has blended a Colorado Peach Slushie with their dry ginger cider. It’s a perfect tonic for warm evenings on the porch or on St. Vrain Cidery’s own patio. They also sell the Berry Cherry Freeze, which is a berry blend mixed with a dry chokeberry cider. 


“They have definitely been a fun item to have on the taproom and perfect for the ninety plus degree days,” Jordan Lind with St. Vrain Cidery says. He reminds guests that the slushies are seasonal and are prepared for dine-in customers right now.


With dozens of cider blends on tap at local cideries, the possibilities are endless. There are options for all cider fans, such as stone fruit, herbs, spices, floral, and citrus flavors. They are evocative notes of childhood, fun, and comfort. Maybe it’s the tonic we didn’t know we needed. 


We think the adults are gonna be alright, thanks to the power of cider and ice.  



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