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yellow scene  magazine cover for March 2022
The SuperKids Issue

Soft skills before ABCs: Education shifts to benefit the whole child

We see it everywhere: aggressive drivers who can’t stand to wait, internet “Karens” berating teenage employees at restaurants. Some may say our society could use a bit more social emotional intelligence.For generations education and parenting styles prioritized academic learning and social norm compliance over...


Superparents: Am I a good parent?

Being a parent is one of the most challenging experiences. Throw a pandemic into the mix and parents wonder, “Am I a good parent?”

Soft skills before ABCs: Education shifts to benefit the whole child

Categorized as “soft skills,” social emotional learning teaches successful communication, conflict resolution, and emotional literacy.

Yellow Scene Camp Directory 2022

Summer is almost here and it will look more like before the pandemic. Yellow Scene provides BoCo's most up to date and thorough directory.


Scene Stealers | March 2022

Here's a list of cool things Yellow Scene's French Davis thinks you should check out this April. (Please continue to be safe.)

French’s 5 | March 2022

This month: French Davis shares five fun facts you might not know about Easter, everyone's favorite springtime holiday.

Spotlight on Taj Mahal

Blues legend Taj Mahal talks about the tie between blues and agriculture, touring amid the pandemic, and his new album coming out in April.

Ukraine and the Real Wolverines | Duly Noted

The 1984 Cold War ultra-propaganda film Red Dawn has modern-day parallels to the invading Russians against the resilient Ukrainian guerilla.


Off Menu with… Matt Ochs | Ghost Box Pizza

Yellow Scene sat down with Matt Ochs, the chef de cuisine of Lafayette’s newly opened Ghost Box Pizza to talk about his career and life.

Dinner and a Movie at BIFF CineChef | Foodie

CineChef is the food component to the Boulder International Film Festival that asks local area chefs to make food inspired by films.

Yes. There ARE bars for the sober-curious | In The Cups

Sober-curious? Wanting to cut back on alcohol even just a little? It’s getting easier to find alcohol-free and interesting cocktail options.

Food News | March 2022

Spring is around the corner. Boulder County's restaurant scene is blooming with new restaurants along with other culinary highlights.


The Heroes: Teachers of Boulder County

As we continue our Heroes series this month to our teachers. Despite the difficult reality of teaching, teachers keep showing up to class.


A Survival List for a Healthier, Happier Spring | Health

The times are changin’. Let’s get back to our lives with health, happiness, and budgets in mind as we head into a new spring.

Month in Review

Month in Review | March 2022

A comprehensive review of some of the main events north of the 104th, Boulder County, and the surrounding area all within the past month.

Community Corner

Anniversary of the King Soopers Shooting: The community has moved on, but has it healed? | Community Corner

One year ago, 10 people lost their lives for going about their day in the wrong place and time. We mourned and moved on, but did we heal?