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yellow scene  magazine cover for September 2022
The Indulgence Issue

Halloween Directory 2022

Tots Opps Shows and Events Mazes and Pumpkin Patches Costume Shops Haunted Houses and other Scares...


12 Area Chefs to Keep Your Eye On | Indulgence Issue 2022

Due to the abundance of great food in Boulder County, deciding on just 12 chefs to feature in our Indulgence issue isn’t easy. We were able to whittle it down to a dozen kitchen magic makers who produce many fantastic kinds of food in every kind of venue from food trucks to white tablecloth, fine-dining establishments, and everything in between. This list proves that great food can come from anywhere.

Crafted Cocktails: Local spirits that are sure to delight | Indulgence Issue 2022

It’s hot out. You just finished hiking that fourteener, or maybe you’re sitting at home in front of the air conditioning unit. Either way, you need to get a cold drink in your hands as soon as possible. From intergalactic brews to unparalleled spirits, BOCO is overflowing with top-tier places to drink. So get down from that mountain, or get off your couch. It’s time for a drink.

Double Trouble: Six Best Appetizers and Six Best Desserts in BoCo | Indulgence Issue 2022

Over the past month, I’ve tried some of the best food I’ve had in my life, and I can’t wait to share it all with you so you’ll never be out of ideas for where to go. Starting with savory appetizers and ending with sweet desserts, here’s the best of the best.

12 Dishes That Will Satisfy a Culinary Expedition in BOCO | Indulgence Issue 2022

From the cobblestones of Pearl Street Mall to the outlets we pass by on our way to work, Boulder County offers a wealth of incredible food. We tried 12 of the best dishes that can be found in BOCO, including cuisines from the Timoto-Cuica tribe, beautiful barbeque, fungus grown in the deep forest, locally cultivated crops, and many others.

Bones in Our Backyard: 3 True Horrific Happenings in Colorado’s History

Colorado is home to some of the strangest, most horrific occurrences in our nation’s history. Murders, hauntings, massacres, acts of pure depravity, these have all happened under the mountains’ gaze. These are three of the most horrific happenings in Colorado’s history to remind you why you should be afraid of the dark.

Halloween Directory 2022

Don't be scared. We've gathered information on upcoming Halloween events and locations that you, your family, and your friends will find are worth checking out!

Give Us the Beet: Q&A With Colorado Farmers

Only using organic and regenerative practices, Anica Wong and Ivan Soto are the urban farmers behind SoCliff Farm. The farm is a labor of love for Wong and Soto, who both also have full- time jobs. The farm, which they run during their free time, fulfills a vision to utilize the land in a meaningful way and to build a broader community. Over dinner and a bonfire, I sat down with them and discussed urban farming.


Scene Stealers | September 2022

As we move into fall, French Davis lists six events to help you continue going out to some incredible events, whether it's plays, concerts, or exhibitions.

French’s 5 | September 2022

This Month: Five Halloween events to check out! Don't miss your chance to show off your costume this year.

Spotlight on Kathleen Madigan

A road warrior in the truest sense of the term — notching 250 shows a year on average — Kathleen Madigan’s overnight-success story was 34 years in the making. Here, Madigan talks about returning to the road after the Pandemic, the business of telling jokes, and why murder is more enjoyable than politics these days.

Politics and Religion | Duly Noted

Never discuss politics or religion. We’ve done ourselves a tremendous disservice over the last several decades by embracing this adage — that for some reason, etiquette should dictate avoidance of difficult discussions. Instead of arming our youth with the ability to engage in real discourse, we taught them to simply avoid it.


The Heroes: Artists of Boulder County

For the next entry in our ongoing Heroes series, we spoke with 10 local artists who work in a variety of mediums. These are lovers, renegades, activists, people who use their craft to better the world. Each is a storyteller that has figured out their own way to reach up into the cosmos and grab a piece of the universe, bring it in close and whisper to it messages of resilience and compassion and then let it go free to spread throughout our world. Let’s hear it for them. 

Month in Review

Month in Review | September 2022

A comprehensive review of some of the main events north of the 104th, Boulder County, and the surrounding area all within the past month.

Community Corner

A Conversation with Secretary of State Jena Griswold | Community Corner

Jena Griswold is a unique figure in Colorado politics in that she is the youngest Secretary of State in the United States, the first woman Secretary of State in Colorado, and the first Democratic Secretary of State in Colorado in 60 years. We spoke about her roots, her dedication to the voters of Colorado, and what it’s like taking on such an important role in our democracy.