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Dog Napping Capers Getting Old


For the second time since spring, someone broke into the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and stole a few puppies. The most recent break-in saw eight pit bull puppies nagged—six of them have been found and returned. In April, a pit bull mix was stolen from the shelter. There is speculation that the thief (or thieves) may have an anti-pit bull agenda. Now we all know these dogs can be dangerous in certain environments, but stealing from a nonprofit to get a point across? C’mon. Some of these puppies were found locked in a crate floating in the Boulder Creek. That is animal cruelty, and no political agenda makes it right.

[What’s Next] The shelter is beefing up security. The puppies are still cute, scared and very adoptable (while they last), and hopefully someone is about to go down hard for the crime.

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