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Go Easy on the Priest in the Buff


Yes, we’ve struggled to resist taking jabs at a sweaty Catholic priest caught jogging nude in the wee hours of the morning around a high school track in Frederick in past issues, but we still feel he is getting a bad wrap for the moment of indiscretion. It has gotten even worse for Rev. Robert Whipkey. He was convicted of indecent exposure last month stemming from the June 2007 incident in which he defended himself saying he sweated too much to wear clothes during his jogs. We know the Catholic Church deserves a lot of the grief it has received in the last few years, but this incident seems too harmless to hang a priest out to dry.

[What’s Next] He faces jail time and the possibility of having to register as a sex offender at sentencing Aug. 11 in a Weld County District Court.

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