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Boulder’s New Craze: Taser Tag


While it lacked the historical significance of Arron Burr’s fatal duel with Alexander Hamilton, a recent dispute near CU proved electrifying. The bone of contention dealt not with honor, slander or political conflict. Rather, the insult centered on an illegally parked car, the booting of that car, and one man’s desire to free the captured vehicle. It all started when alert security guard Casey Dane spotted Harvey Epstein’s car parked in the wrong place on the Hill. Epstein, a local bartender, took offense at the booting of his ride and decided to liberate the car with a set of bolt cutters. Dane wasn’t about to let that happen on his watch. Instead, he told Epstein to drop the cutters and opened fire with a gas-propelled Taser gun. Epstein was not about to take a few volts without obtaining a little satisfaction. Instead, he pulled out his own Taser and let the bolts fly. “It was just kind of a bone-head deal,” a police spokesperson told the press. Neither man needed medical attention, but Epstein was arrested on suspicion of felony menacing and use of a stun gun. Boulder prosecutors later dropped all charges against Epstein.

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