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King Tut Crazy in Denver


There’s more than one way to walk like an Egyptian in Denver these days.

In fact, the city is aflutter with excitement about the King Tut exhibit, now on display at the Denver Art Museum. And you can take advantage of it.

Both Denver Hyatts are offering Tut-related packages to lure history-lovers. The Grand Hyatt has a family-themed package, which comes with a scavenger hunt for kids attending the King Tut exhibit, and the Hyatt Regency is offering a more high-end experience, which includes two VIP untimed, undated tickets that allow immediate access with no standing in line or advanced reservations. Altitude, the Hyatt Regency’s stunning lounge, is serving up Tut-themed cocktails that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Also, Denver’s famous Wynkoop Brewing Company is now pouring Tut’s Royal Gold, an unfiltered “Imperial Egyptian Ale” that’s citrusy with a touch rose.

“We wanted to create a beer,” said Wynkoop head brewer Andy Brown, “that echoed what ancient Egyptian royalty might have consumed back in Tut’s day. It’s a hybrid beer inspired by Egyptian ingredients, but brewed with the benefit of 3,000 additional years of brewing science.”


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