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A Virtual Stage


Has anyone been on Myspace lately? Yeah, me neither. In fact, the moment I decided it was now completely devoid of any value was when they killed the one feature I actually liked: You could filter a band search based on locality. Between that and the fact that I’m convinced the literacy rate of active Myspacers is worse than a third world country, I was incensed to beat a hastry retreat to the pre-fab, formatted and safe confines of Facebook for my “Look how awesome I am today” self serviance.

Thankfully, other services have filled the void that Myspace left, and Reverbnation.com is arguably the most popular. It’s a FaceSpace just for bands, and provides tools Facebook and Myspace doesn’t (although it does have a seamless integration with both), such as easy access for bands to set up iTunes accounts and sell their wares. If you’re in a band, it’s worth exploring, and if you’re just interested in what you can hear in your own neck of the woods, here’s a quick sampling:

Artist/Band name: Camryn

Based in: Denver

Genre: Pop

Sounds Like: a female Hanson (back when Hanson was prepubescent)

Link: reverbnation.com/camryn

Artist/Band name: FC Murda

Based in: Aurora

Genre: Rap

Sounds Like: he listens to a lot of 50 Cent

Link: reverbnation.com/fcmurda

Artist/Band name: Rob Swanson

Based in: Golden

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Sounds Like: if Morphine plugged himself into a leslie amp and didn’t have a saxophone

Link: reverbnation.com/robswanson

Artist/Band name: Pat Carr

Based in: Broomfield

Genre: Blues

Sounds Like: he probably always wears a hat and loves barbecue

Link: reverbnation.com/patcarr

Artist/Band name: Tempting Zen

Based in: Denver

Genre: Rock

Sounds Like: their favorite wine is from Caduceus Cellars

Link: reverbnation.com/temptingzen

Artist/Band name: Taarka

Based in: Lyons

Genre: Gypsygrass

Sounds Like: if Django Reinhardt hung out with Bela Fleck

Link: reverbnation.com/taarka

Artist/Band name: Mourned by Flies

Based in: Longmont

Genre: Metal

Sounds Like: that moment just after you slam your head through a windshield

Link: reverbnation.com/mournedbyflies

Artist/Band name: Scott Dale

Based in: Boulder

Genre: Roots Rock

Sounds Like: folky country music but less sucky

Link: reverbnation.com/scottdalemusic


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