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The Motet at the Boulder Theatre


What is funkier than the Motet’s Halloween run?

The Motet has been an integral part of the Colorado jam scene since Dave Watts (drummer, bandleader) founded the group well over 15 years ago, and on Thursday night, the Motet delivered. Kicking off a three night run at the Boulder Theatre, with their 1975 “Mixtape,” the dance party that ensued was top notch and funk at it’s finest. One word can sum up the experience and what is in store for the next two nights, “Dynomite.”

The Boulder Theatre looked great across the board with the band looking superfly and the crowd bringing eye candy to a whole new level. First set was all business, snapping into “Get off your ass and jam” into “Shaky Ground,” which immediately took the crowd on a funktastic voyage that made me stop, put my beer down, and tighten my laces.

Having seen the Motet many times over the past decade, I can say they were on fire and everyone was on their “A” game. Set two opened with the theme song from “S.W.A.T.,” and it was game on. I must say the Halloween ticket is always a tough one to snag and if you have one, you are in for a treat. The Motet consistently throws down the hottest dance party October has to offer, with a bag full of tricks in store every year, and if you are lucky enough to be going tonight or tomorrow, dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to be funked up.

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