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The end of Key and Peele


After laughing at the Meagan skit, endlessly watching their impression of a college football draft, and quoting the pizza order episode, the hilarious Key and Peele will come to an end on Comedy Central.A

Key and Peele have appealed to a wide audience for five seasons now. The last season will begin this fall and then the stars will have the chance to “explore other things.”

Loving this show for the past five seasons, it is sad that it’s coming to an end. Both of these comedians are so funny, the will definitely be other skits and movies but not being able to watch them together will be a sad change.

Key and Peele have both been nominated for numerous Emmy awards. They also won a Peabody award back in 2013.

It does make sense though that after five seasons they would want to pursue other routes and see where their acting and comedy careers will travel.

Soon new episodes of tear jerking stand up will no longer be available of the two comedians but it will always be possible to watch reruns of their Obama impressions.

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