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It’s time for women to be unapologetically inconsiderate of those who are unapologetically inconsiderate of us.


VOICES CONTRIBUTION: Story and Photos by Callea Sherrill

The Denver Women’s March, October 17th, 2020


On a warm and overcast Saturday, just before 1:00 pm, a group of about 300 women and their allies gathered outside the Fillmore Auditorium on Colfax, carrying signs of protest and displaying a variety of political statements.


The messages may have been different, but the sentiments were all the same. “Fuck Donald Trump and his misogynistic group of old white men bent on preserving their rights while systematically dismantling ours.”


As the Denver Women’s March headed west on Colfax towards the Capitol, it quickly became apparent that, no matter how pissed off women are at the current establishment, we still want to follow the rules. Very few walked in the street. Most stopped and waited at crosswalks for the flashing walk sign, even if that meant splitting the group in two. When we did cross against traffic, several women apologized to impatient drivers for delaying them from their much more important tasks.


I wonder. Is it possible that this is the very reason men feel so comfortable imposing rules on women? Because in the end, too many women are willing to follow those rules, no matter how much they dislike them. Even if they don’t make sense. Even if it requires women to apologize when they don’t follow the rules because it inconveniences men.



Perhaps the only way to truly make a difference in this world is to learn how to block traffic. Cross between crosswalks. Be unapologetically inconsiderate of those who are unapologetically inconsiderate of us.





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