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yellow scene  magazine cover for May 2015
Nature N Bikes & Summer Gift Guide

Boulder Underbelly

Words by Brett Callwood and Ryan HowePhotos provided by Greg Harms The moment was telling, and more than a little poignant. Yellow Scene’s two editors were driving around Boulder’s trailer parks (which we were told were the “bad parts” of Boulder) desperately looking for something resembling seediness and...


Summer Gift Guide: Presenting Bongo Love

The little shack sitting just off the road is surrounded by meticulous woodcarvings of eagles, turtles, lions, elephants, swans, and more eagles.

Summer Gift Guide: Presenting Hens and Chicas

Jenna Marraccini has been making Boulder specific shirts for years, selling them at street festivals, local markets and even on the popular handmade shopping outlet Etsy.com.

Summer Gift Guide: Presenting Momentum

Momentum, the quaint little shop on the east side of the Pearl Street Mall, is more than a place to buy bright, interesting, idealistic décor for the home or a gift.

Boulder Underbelly

Yellow Scene's editors dug and delved in search of the seedy side of Boulder, and returned with nearly nothing.

Nothing Compares to the Simple Pleasure of a Bike Ride

Here in Boulder County, as well as further afield in Colorado, cycling is incredibly popular and it’s continuing to grow.


Amy Schumer

Comedian Amy Schumer sat down with journalists in a downtown Denver hotel to chat about her upcoming movie, Trainwreck.

The Cannabis Cup

People from around the world come to Denver once a year to partake in the event best known as The Cup.

When is it enough?

I’m not an economist. But I feel like there should be some financial equivalent to Moore’s Law. Something like “The gap between the richest Americans and the poorest doubles every four years.” Or something.


10 Must-Have Spices for Every Kitchen: Paprika

Next on our top 10 list of spices every cook should have on hand in their kitchen is number four in worldwide consumption: paprika, or pimentón in Spain.


Good drugs the ones that heighten your consciousness, sharpen your senses and take you for the ride of your life - all seem to require a certain amount of preparation.

The Denver International Beer Competition

The sixth annual competition received more than 300 domestic and international entries from 22 states and six countries.


Blair Stapp

Six years ago, a CU student started a guerrilla gay bar, where local members of the LGBT community would take over a bar in Boulder and have a place of acceptance for the night.

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Working Out the Problems of a Workout at Work

We try to find ways to get exercise in our daily lives, especially when we don’t have time to get to the gym.