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yellow scene  magazine cover for February 2021
February 2021

Best of the West 2021: Critics' Choice

We're absolutely in love with here!   Front Range Brewing Company (Lafayette) We’re not sure if they got a new menu or a new chef (maybe both?) but FRBC is killing the game. We’ve always loved the beer here. We know most of you feel the same way. What better buzz than one you can get locally? With awards...


Best of the West 2021: Readers’ Choice

All the Best of the West you could need. Winners, Runners-up, Critics Choice & a few we made up!   Yellow Scene Magazine's Best of the West adheres to the same strict journalism standards the entire magazine has held for 21 years. Thus, our Best of the West is a true Reader's Poll with the Region's only write-in ballot. There are not preselected menus, or multiple choice answers...

Best of the West 2021: Critics’ Choice

The critical eye of a nice guy. YS Editor De La Vaca loves it all.

Best of the West 2021: Celebrity Picks

These local celebrities took the time to tell us what they think is special about our area. We think it’s important to get notes from the movers and shakers in Boulder County, the people turning up and turning BOCO into the fantastically dizzying, globally lauded area of Colorado that it is.


Scene Stealers | February 2021

The best things do do.

French’s 5: St. Paddy’s Day Facts | February 2021

St. Paddy's facts to wow your friends with.

Spotlight on Reese Roper and Five Iron Frenzy

It was 1996 when Five Iron Frenzy first unveiled their somewhat non-secular take on Third Wave ska with their debut outing, Upbeats and Beatdowns, which was re-released a year later after they signed to SaraBellum Records, a sub-label of 5 Minute Walk Recordings.

The beginning of wisdom…* | Duly Noted

Patriots want the best for their country. Nationalists think their country is already perfect. Which one are you?


Off Menu with… Taj Indian Cuisine #25th Anniversary

February 9th marked the 25th anniversary for the Taj Indian Cuisine restaurant. The anniversary marks a bittersweet milestone for the restaurant. Owner, creator, and menu developer Vhim Rai, passed away this past December due to COVID-19 complications.

Off Menu with: Rullo Romo Antonio | Dagabi Cucina

Say hello to Rullo Romo Antonio, the current head chef of Dagabi Cucina in Boulder, Colorado.

APRESKE 80’s Pop-Up Bar Snowing in Louisville

The good folks at Bittersweet Cafe are back at it again folks. The little Louisville treasure has morphed into an 80’s-themed skier’s paradise. The APRESKE (Après Ski) Pop-Up Cocktail Bar is a 90 minute cocktail experience set in a 80’s Swiss ski lodge, if you will. Imagine chowing down on some good ol’ ski lodge food while washing it down with an epic custom cocktail in your best outrageous 80’s attire.


Good Habits + Bad Habits = Life Practice

Our lives are a series of good and bad habits. We all can practice daily efforts to make better habits we can use …For Your Life™  Have you considered habits you have day to day? Coffee, cigarettes, exercise, drinking, social media, work, or anything else you do on a regular basis can be a habit. As an activity, write down daily habits (good and bad) and ask “Do I wish I could change...


Candice Bailey: Not an Activist – an Actionist | The ACTIONISTS Series

UPDATED 2/1/2023 CPR, 1/19/2023 Elijah McClain Death; Trial of Officers In a two-page ruling issued late Wednesday, Adams County District Judge Mark Douglas Warner ordered the two paramedics, Peter Cichuniec and Jeremy Cooper, to be tried together. Former officer Nathan Woodyard, who was the first on the scene with McClain and performed the carotid choke holds, will be tried by himself. And...

Community Corner

Council Steps Back from the Brink

The cold snap in mid-February revealed the gaping holes in Boulder’s homeless services safety net, and the death of Ryan Stoops made the consequences of such gaps very clear. City Council Member Rachel Friend pushed very quickly, via an email to the Hotline, asking that the 30 day limit on Severe Weather Shelter be addressed so that people who had already maxed out would “have the option to...

Also in This Edition

Love in the Time of Corona | Single Files

While the world has been in our current, newest, global pandemic for just over one year (the first known US case was January 20, 2020), love has flourished. Not to sound pessimistic, but love has also died. Depends on whom you ask. I asked a lot of people, and I got so many replies I was stunned.