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yellow scene  magazine cover for June 2021
The Outdoor Issue

Off the Beaten Path: 9 Lesser Known Colorado Campsites to Explore

Camping season is here and boy, oh boy, is it going to be crowded! The pandemic has changed a lot but it hasn’t changed our drive to get out into the world and explore. People are still traveling. They’re just staying closer to home and outdoor activities such as camping, glamping, and backpacking are fun and...


Off the Beaten Path: 9 Lesser Known Colorado Campsites to Explore

Here are 9 lesser known campsites we picked that range from dispersed camping in thick forests to glamping in the aspen-lined valley of Vail.


Scene Stealers | June 2021

Summer is in full swing. We're getting so much safer so here's a list of cool things we think you should check out.

French’s 5 | June 2021

The dog days of summer have a few holidays mixed in you might not be aware of. YS's French Davis shares five from the month of July.

Spotlight on Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson is a new find for me, and I’m hooked. The first black woman to win Austin’s Music Awards’ Best Guitarist for 2019 gets had only been playing the guitar for EIGHT years prior to that honor. But don’t let the setting fool you — while she’s got mad blues guitar chops, she’s far from just another blues guitarist. Blending elements of synthpop, electronic, prog, rock, jazz, and blues, Venson’s blazing a path uniquely her own, filled with throbbing beats that recall decades past while lighting the way ahead. Here, the Berklee alumnus talks about switching instruments, skipping genres and avoiding the machine.

Israel’s Coalition | Duly Noted

In Israel today, there are far more questions than answers. After a bloody conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip over the Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon Ha’Tzadik neighborhood in East Jerusalem last May, tensions remain high.


Off Menu with Armin Madoyan | Kalita Grill

“Food is art first,” Armin Madoyan says. Madoyan opened Kalita Grill as a family affair, with his children, wife and father pitching in to prepare, cook, and serve high-quality, casual Greek food.

Become a Vegan Virtuoso: Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy Opens on Baseline | Foodie

When a state of the art cooking school opens that is led by a nationally recognized vegan superstar, that takes Boulder’s vegan food cred to the next level.

Meet RoxBox: Shipping containers make outdoor drinking new fun | In The Cups

Shipping containers are serving up some unexpected uses. RoxBox, a Denver company with roots in Erie, has taken notice.


It’s You… Or Wait, Is It Me?

Let’s talk about mental health and how a “you problem” can affect both you and me. Things can affect your mental health or others around you.

Month in Review

Month In Review | June 2021

All the news North of 104th.

Community Corner

Reckoning: DASHR and Community Response to Crisis | Community Corner

DASHR works to create and support community-based responses to conflict and crisis as alternatives to policing. Read more on what it's about.


MOTUS Operandi: The Particular Way of MOTUS Theater | The ACTIONISTS Series

MOTUS Theater advocates for the rights of undocumented and silenced individuals, and having a voice, which is the work MOTUS does.