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yellow scene  magazine cover for April 2022
The Green Issue

Modern Paganism and Earth Witches

by Morgan Alynn I think that my true appreciation for spring, as a season, began in March 2020, amidst the COVID shutdown. I was jogging — my new favorite pastime and seemingly the only activity that allowed me some fresh air. I rounded into a clearing of a snow-kissed meadow and saw a blue robin’s egg glittering in...


The Fire Next Time

The Marshall Fire razed homes, local businesses, and claim two lives. It also exposed fissures in Colorado’s emergency notification system.

Hemp in Colorado: A Seed and Fiber Frenzy

Though intertwined with the marijuana industry, the hemp industry has its own regulatory system and laws regarding sale and consumption.

Modern Paganism and Earth Witches

Paganism, in its purest form, is the practice of honoring the Earth's cycles. In doing so, we learn to honor those cycles within ourselves.

End of the Road: Solving Colorado’s Climate Threats by Leaving Cars Behind

In a 2021 study, Colorado presents itself as eco-friendly. However, Colorado is also reported to be a major climate change contributor.


Scene Stealers | April 2022

Here's a list of cool things Yellow Scene's French Davis thinks you should check out this May. (Please continue to be safe.)

French’s 5 | April 2022

Is your mom a whiz in the kitchen? The garden? This month, French Davis offers five great gift ideas for your sainted mother on Mother’s Day.

Spotlight on Andy Bercaw and City Park Jazz

We chatted with City Park Jazz Board President Andy Bercaw about the 2022 season, and how it remains a summer concert mainstay in Colorado.

To Slap or Not To Slap? | Duly Noted

After Will Smith's infamous slap at the most recent Oscars ceremony, everyone in the nation appears to have an opinion on the matter.

Reuse Map 2022

Thrift • Consignment • Second-Hand • Vintage • Antique... twice as nice! We recommend these BOCO places that sell great reusable items.


Off Menu with… Edwin Zoe | Dragonfly Noodle

YS sat down with Chef Edwin Zoe and indulged in his career path and inspiration that led to his latest venture, the Dragonfly Noodle.

Off Menu with… Casian Seafood

After opening during the pandemic, Casian Seafood has propelled itself into a new level of success thanks in part to Chef Dovi's creativity.

Worth Getting Out of Bed For: Our Sit Down Brunch Roundup | Foodie

We did some research and found some of the best breakfast offerings locally. Keep reading to find out where we go and why.

Wine and Resilience: Environmental stressors decimated winery harvests, but vintners carried on and now the first of the surviving grapes are a bottle.

A pair of dramatic freezes in impacted vineyards and are likely to change how Colorado grapes are grown and wine is made here.

Food News | April 2022

The local culinary scene constantly shifts as food-related business pop in and out. Here's the latest news we gathered around Boulder County.


The Heroes: Nurses of Boulder County

After facing a pandemic head-on, nurses are still saving lives We are highlighting nurses for this next installment of Yellow Scene Magazine's (YS) 2022 Heroes Series. These are our lifesavers, solace givers, and the warm hands that comfort us when things are at their darkest. This was the case long before COVID hit and will continue to be far off into the uncertainty of our collective...

Month in Review

Month in Review | April 2022

A comprehensive review of some of the main events north of the 104th, Boulder County, and the surrounding area all within the past month.


Think Green, Act Green… For Your Life™ | Health

We can be healthier and happier if we think and act green. We can look back knowing we did something to make the world a better place.