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yellow scene  magazine cover for August 2022
The Smart Issue

YS Back to School Directory 2022

We’re online! There was just too many things we wanted to fit in print. Check out all of these places where you and your child can learn. Schools Art Schools Charter Schools Colleges, Universities, and Trade Schools Daycare/Preschools Districts K-12...


YS Back to School Directory 2022

We’re online! There was just too many things we wanted to fit in print. Check out all of these places where you and your child can learn.

Protect Our Classrooms: What you need to know about Colorado education legislation in 2022

It can be difficult keeping up with everything going on regarding education legislation in Colorado. We put this overview together to help you stay informed about the most important pieces of Colorado education legislature in 2022 and the legislators that sponsor them. 

Homecoming and Beyond: 11 fall events happening at Boulder & Broomfield County high schools

Some Boulder County high schools celebrate fall in ways straight out of a movie and some are creating new traditions. Whether the school has 800 students or 20, Boulder County high schools have big plans to welcome students and the community back for another school year.

The Case for Civics Education: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

There is an alarming decline in knowledge about and confidence in our civic institutions, to include lawmakers who influence constituents with such misleading and false assertions. How did we get here and how do we get out?


Scene Stealers | August 2022

There is not much summer left. Make the most of the rest of the season with these events French Davis recommends you check out.

French’s 5 | August 2022

This month: Five fall festivals we’re fawning over, from as far south as Pueblo to festivals in Boulder, Denver, Estes Park, and Windsor.

Spotlight on Rodrigo y Gabriela

Nuevo Flamenco duo Rodrigo y Gabriela talks about winning a Grammy, covering Metallica, and why they eschew the term “nuevo flamenco.”

Roe v. Wade and the Religious Right | Duly Noted

In the post-Dobbs v. Jackson era — the 2022 SCOTUS decision that overturned the decades-old Roe v. Wade ruling upholding a woman’s right to privacy concerning her ability to get an abortion — it’s been hard for pro-choice proponents to find reasons for optimism.


Food News | August 2022

From farms to ice cream, Boulder County is bringing you the freshest and tastiest of what's been going on in the local culinary scene.

Five Favorite Dive Bars: These are as real as it gets. | In the Cups

There are deeper options for drinking on the Front Range that can make for a truly satisfying evening. Here are some true favorite places that are go-to's for a cheap drink, low light, and maybe a pool table or two.

Off Menu with… Collision Brewing

Though it’s not in an old town shopping area, or part of a group of mall stores, Collision Brewing on Highway 119 just outside of Longmont, has become a bit of a destination. Hungry diners visit the garage-themed restaurant for delicious food and exceptional beer. It’s the type of place that quickly becomes a favorite, one you spend Saturday nights with your friends at and tell your family about.

The Sweetest Bite: Creative and satisfying donuts | Foodie

We’ve got a host of delicious, unique options to fill your craving. Here are our recommendations for the best donuts in the area, featuring some new spots and some unexpected ones.


The Heroes of Boulder County: The Trades

Tradespeople are the foundation, the structure, of our society. They keep the house standing and are our Heroes for August because of it. We spoke to eleven tradespeople about their lives, their jobs, and why they do what they do.


I’ll Take Food For 15 Please… Alex | Health

Food is fuel and energy that helps us live. Much like air, technology, and water we can live without it for a while but food is necessary.