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New horizons, highs for the Cannabis Industry



Cannabis continues to expand the market.


New horizons. New… highs, if you will. While it is obvious the cannabis game has changed as legalization spreads and the CBD craze continues, the availability and accessibility of cannabis products such as hemp derived CBD increases on what seems like the daily. The opportunity to expand this space may seem narrowing but some companies continue to push the profitability seams by finding niche markets and spaces for their products. This potentially overly saturated market has brought about a new way of thinking – and consuming. New canna-preneurs are taking advantage of this desire for new variety.

Cannabis consumers continue demand.

Adding CBD to food and drink is still a controversial topic but legalities vary by state. Numbers have shown that the consumer demand for infused edibles and drinkables continues to grow and, therefore, so will that side of the industry. From gummies to hard candy and beer to wine – hemp derived products are seeing an uptick in interest in these tasty infusions. These CBD infused varieties can be found at most of your local CBD shops, sometimes even at your local convenience store. However accessible these products may be, do your research and only purchase reputable brands.

Care for an infused drink?

Imagine sitting down at your favorite restaurant and after sharing tonight’s specials the server offers a CBD infused drink. A sign of the times for cannabis when you can have an infused drink with your favorite dish. Robert Morrissey, founder of Reef Fusion Drink Company is doing just that. Morrissey, who also founded Keef Cola in 2009, decided to create a new drink space in restaurants. Entering the futuristic world of hemp CBD drinks is a difficult task on it’s own because of the “drink wars” with Pepsi and Coke, but Reef has one special distinction – the option to add CBD. Coming soon from Reef is Le Canna Royale, a top shelf cannabis drink making signature series limited batch runs designed to be served with equally delicious cocktails.

Cannabis in your cup.

Changing the way the drink business in restaurants is done, the Reef Fusion drink system claims it has removed all of the hurdles of getting “Certified Hemp CBD” drinks to a restaurant’s loyal customers. Since its launch in May of 2019 this drink system is now being used in over 20 restaurants across three states. Currently in Colorado, Missouri, and Oregon – the Reef Drinks website (www.reefdrinks.com) has a restaurant finder to see where your closest location is. Because of its design these drinks can be ordered with or without full spectrum water soluble CBD and can be utilized with an alcoholic drink as well. With their fruit flavor  onto something here. We are only talking CBD infusions here, but they are full-spectrupalette of choices, Reef Fusion may bem meaning they do contain THC – within state compliance levels, of course.

The new high of normalcy.

Are we only one step away from being able to order a THC (beyond CBD) dosed drink at local restaurants? After the passing of Colorado House Bill 1230 (HB 1230), “Marijuana Hospitality Establishments”, which authorizes cannabis hospitality spaces (i.e. restaurants) in which retail cannabis and such products can be consumed on site, the opportunity for this expansion is literally right around the corner, one way or another. HB 1230 also makes smoking cannabis in hospitality spaces an exemption to the “Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act”. The reality of a cafe downtown that you can purchase flower, infused goods, and a dosed drink and then sit down and enjoy it all in a public space is no longer a far reach.

Cannabis consumption and convenience.

Cannabis consumers are now demanding convenience both in consumption method and purchasability, which opens the market to the next level. One thing is clear, this continuously evolving acceptability of cannabis seems to have no plateau in sight. The market will continue to flourish as consumers develop their usage patterns with new and exciting product choices and consumption methods. For those like Morrissey, the future of cannabis consumption is just being set in motion.