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Blunt Talk: Kyoto For Your Fido


Marijuana, the miracle plant. Whether you are consuming the plant to get high, using the plant to treat an ailment, or creating merchandise with hemp, we almost all use a little Mary Jane in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, up until recently, there was one major aspect of our lives that had been overlooked: our pets. Dogs specifically benefit from the use of CBD derived from the marijuana plant. How? It reduces pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, and it is known to improve skin and coat health. That’s a good, shiny boi.

Thankfully, in 2021, pet lovers have easy access to a variety of CBD products for their pets.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring component found in the flower of the marijuana plant. CBD has over a hundred phytocannabinoids, which endow the compound with holistic and therapeutic properties. CBD, when separated from the psychoactive portion of the plant (THC), provides all of the health benefits of marijuana without the high typically associated with the plant.

Seventy-two percent of dogs suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives. Anxiety is displayed in dogs by unexplained barking or howling, excessive panting, shivering, cowering behavior, destructive behavior, aggression, and even self-harm. Our pets have no other way to communicate their discomfort, much like a baby crying or scratching themselves. When introduced to the body, CBD helps curb your companion’s anxiety by changing the brain’s receptor response to serotonin. One single dose of CBD is sure to lower your dog’s anxiety without the worry of intense side effects from pharmaceuticals.

Anxiety isn’t the only health issue CBD can help treat. The miracle compound has had undeniable success in treating chronic pain, diabetes, irritable bowel, cancer, and more. CBD has been known to slow the growth of cancer cells all while assisting in curbing nausea associated with typical cancer treatments.

CBD has also had success in treating and cutting back the intensity of epilepsy in dogs. CBD can reduce not only the severity of epileptic episodes but it can reduce the frequency of the episodes as well. If your poor pup is having an epileptic episode, CBD oil can help bring the episode to an end all while providing relief and comfort during their recovery. Pet owners all across the country have found more success in treating their dog’s chronic seizures with CBD alongside their vet recommended medications then without.

Say hello to Gregory Hatt. He is a marijuana enthusiast and Colorado resident. Gregory has an extensive background in marijuana and has been present in the industry for about 15 years and counting. Gregory took the time to sit down with us to give us a true insight on his experience with CBD and how it aided his beautiful Golden Retriever, Cali.

“I started using CBD before it even got big. I’m talking about when a small bottle of CBD tincture was 250 bucks, when it was hard to get. I got my first tincture from Charlotte’s Web CBD. We spent thousands of dollars on CBD treating Cali, doing everything we could do for her.” Unfortunately, Gregory’s beloved pet had cancer and was fighting hard for her life. Soon after Cali also suffered from a torn ACL and had a very hard time walking. “We were trying to fight the cancer and we were trying to provide some comfort for her leg. Before her leg would shake, and she couldn’t run around the beach like she used to.”

“What was great,” Hatt said, “was once we started using the CBD we saw an immediate improvement. Her leg wouldn’t shake, she had more energy, and she was a lot more mobile. It made her remaining days a lot more happy, and she could go back to doing some of the things she really loved.” He chuckled to himself and said, “I spent a small fortune to help her and it was worth every penny because it improved her quality of life. We definitely enjoyed giving that to her.”

Though Cali had since passed, Gregory remains thankful for the peace and comfort he was able to give Cali through the end.

These days there are new CBD companies around every store corner and waiting on your screen itching for your next scroll. It’s a challenge sorting through them all to find the right company that will work for you and for your pet. Luckily for you Yellow Scene has done the grunt work for you.

Kyoto Botanicals is a wonderful local CBD company located in Longmont and Wray, Colorado. Kyoto takes immense pride in their work and ensures that their formulaters have stuck as close to nature as possible, promising the utmost quality ingredients no matter the product.

The CBD one stop shop has an array of products for all consumers. The shop features a CBD Warm Body Balm with 400 mg of CBD, breathe face serum, a variety of CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, body oil and more.

Each item is guaranteed to be affordable for any household. Each item is within the $25 to $55, so we can all afford to treat ourselves and our pets. Kyoto isn’t just here to cater to your needs but the needs of your pet as well.

CBD Oil and CBD-Infused Gummies from Kyoto Botanicals

Kyoto celebrated National Pet Day this past April 11 by offering Colorado pet lovers a 20 percent off coupon for their new CBD infused dog treats. While that epic offer ended on April 17th, we think you love your pet enough to pop in anyways. The slobber summoning treat chews are set at a low dose of 2mg per chew or 60mg per jar. Your Fido will be sure to thank Kyoto for the bacon beef flavor chews, and believe that they’ll leave your furry friend begging for more. The best part of their CBD dog treats is the price. We’re in love with a good deal on a great product.

Don’t ignore your pets body language. Give yourself a good night’s sleep while providing your pet with the tools they need to ensure their comfort.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing what you are putting into your pet’s body tops trusting pharmaceutical companies that rarely disclose all of their products’ ingredients. If your pet needs a helping hand, talk to your vet about CBD. It may be just what your furry friend needs.

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