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yellow scene  magazine cover for July 2020


Scene Stealers

  Arlo Guthrie at Boulder Theater Arguably the most “prodigal” son in all of music, Arlo Guthrie’s unending torch-bearing of the genre his father Woody pretty much launched back in 1940 (Dustbowl Ballads, Victor Records) burns as brightly as ever, even as he wades deep into his 70s. In this appearance, Arlo brings his seminal composition, “Alice’s Restaurant” back to the...

Spotlight on Colin Bricker

Casting a weary eye over the music scene in Colorado doesn’t stir up much optimism. Sunken into a COVID-19 crater unlike any collapse ever seen, the music industry remains mired in the quicksand of a 1-2 punch between the advent of subscription music services and then the inability to perform live.

The American-ness of American Jews

I’ve seen variations on this theme dating back to his candidacy in 2016. It’s always posed by a gentile — even right-wing Likunik Jews know why the rest of us dislike him. And the reasons are myriad.


Off Menu with Alec Schuler: Tangerine – Brunch Renaissance from a Renaissance Man

Alec started in the industry at 14-years-old as a dishwasher in a local restaurant in Long Island, NY. Within two years he had been promoted to a server where he mastered the art of gab, customer experience, and anticipating client needs.

Off Menu with Pepe & Veronica Diaz | Tierra Y Fuego Taqueria

Tierra Y Fuego Taqueria translates into Earth and Fire Taco Shop. It is a name so perfectly aligned that it must have been divinely inspired.

The Rise of the Packaged Private Chef: Local Meal Prep Services Bring Dinner to your Door

Getting in shape, eating well or living a life of simplicity just got made easier with the rise of the packaged fresh foods industry.  This isn’t last decade’s Blue Apron.

Longmont’s Abbott and Wallace: The first Colorado distillery in the Craft Maltsters Guild Certified Seal Program

        We’re living in challenging times for restaurants, bars, and breweries/tap houses. These spaces are valuable not just because they pour some of our favorite libations, but because they’re a destination we can go to that’s not home, not work, but a better and more relaxed spot in between the two.    As you indulge in spirits this summer, it’s...

Month in Review

Month in Review: July 2020

  Month in Review   The governor finally announced a statewide mask mandate. It went into effect at midnight on July 16th. He instituted it citing data that supports wearing masks, a relaxing of social distancing in Colorado that has led to a spike in COVID-19 cases, and the impact of travelers from hot spot states, like, Texas. • Ball Aerospace, in Boulder, is among facilities...

Community Corner

Plainly Evident: No Room at the Inn | Community Corner

Boulder city staff are committed to reducing the number of beds available at shelter services, and they are not going to let a little thing like a forthcoming wave of evictions resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic affect their decisions.

Also in This Edition

Andra Coberly: Heights of Editing

YS is a hard place to work, but it’s incredibly meaningful, mostly because of the heights Andra reached.  

What to Wear, Where: Looks for the Boulder Lifestyle

Yet behind these kitschy stereotypes lies a fashion sense that is underrated and rarely explored. We poked around at the shops to see what’s out there, keeping COVID in mind. We wanted to ensure that the advice we found squared with Boulder’s casual attitude.

The World (Lately) is a Drag: Makeup Tips from Drag Stars

The world has been in disarray lately, due to America’s never ending pandemic (psst, it’s our own fault). Has getting out of bed been a challenge? Is keeping up with personal hygiene, #SelfCare, a daunting task? Well, honey, you’re not alone!

A Guide to Accents: A little guide to get the creative juices flowing

  Summer is here and we’re making our way back into the swing of things, one slow, stylish step at a time.   If you’re anything like us, you may have spent the past couple months lounging in your comfy clothes… you know the ones we’re talking about. No More! We like getting fancy, we like to wear suits, and dresses, and fun hats, shiny earrings, and beautiful rings. And...

Home & Hood

Pandemic Projects: Viral additions to the Home in the Midst of Chaos

Once upon a time, the world made sense. We went about our regular routines and, when we had a bit of time, we thought about how we could improve our lived lives by enhancing our environments, our shared spaces, the tiny places we call home and where we work.