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yellow scene  magazine cover for October 2021
The Election Issue

Winter Camp Directory 2021

> GENERAL INTEREST/RECREATION Larger organizations that are providing after-school, school break, and day-off camps for young people. Whether they’re at the YMCA, the museum, or at the Jewish Community Center, they’re bound to have fun and learn something along the way. BVSD School-Day Off and Holiday...


Yellow Scene Election Guide 2021

Every city, county, and school board race ready for you to decide! Also in: ballot measures, city questions, and district inquiries!

Staffing Struggles: Success Stories Give A Clue Into What’s Happening

It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about how employers are struggling to hire. Is this truly the great resignation? Or, is it more of a great recalibration where employees are reconsidering how they want to work?

Boulder County Open Houses 2021

It's officially time to start preparing for the kiddos to go back to school. Here's our annual list of the open houses in our area.

Winter Camp Directory 2021

Are your kids ready to ascend a 14er in the dead of winter, or go back country exploring? Probably not. But these camps can get 'em ready for winter fun.


Spotlight on Conrad Kehn and the Playground Ensemble

Conrad Kehn has the unique role of leading one of the most unusual ensembles in Colorado. Playground Ensemble — a chamber group focused on presenting the work of living composers across every culture and human experience you can imagine.

The Math Checks Out | Duly Noted

“It might be fair to say that the Republicans are winning the culture wars they’ve ignited. It might also be fair to say that the cost of their victories comes in their own blood.” Not only was my statement accurate, it’s worse than I thought.


Off Menu with… Leroy Alvarado | La Vita Bella

Leroy Alvarado, Executive Chef and co-owner of La Vita Bella, has a warmth and courtesy that may be due to the fact that each day he’s engaged in something he really enjoys: running a restaurant kitchen.

Off Menu with… Arturo Silva | Marco’s Hot Dogs & Tacos

It was my own extended family who was responsible for my first taste of Marco’s Hot Dogs & Tacos. It’s fitting that family introduced us to Marco’s because, for Marco's chef Arturo Silva, their family is at the core of what they do.

Getting hot as the weather cools: Learn more about everyone’s favorite spicy condiment | Foodie

Hot sauce has become a huge part of how we eat and a part of some people’s identity as food lovers. But there’s a lighter and local side to this condiment.

CBD Sips: My New Favorite Multitask Bar Tool | In The Cups

Yellow Scene connected with the CBD Seltzer drink community recently. I've been drinking a lot of CBD drinks lately and I've been pleasantly surprised with the offerings.

Food News | October 2021

Even though this didn't make it into the final print, you readers still have the right to learn about the latest in BoCo's cuisine scene.


Michael Dougherty: A Fighter For Justice Knows The Strength of Compassion | The ACTIONISTS Series

DA’s have been one of the major contributors to America’s broken justice system, but Michael Dougherty is one of the first DA’s I have met that has helped lead the charge on even having a conversation regarding justice reform.


Make Space To Follow Space …For Your Life™ | Health

This month let’s use the space program as a metaphor for making space for something in your life… maybe it means becoming a fan of the space program, or a new workout.

Community Corner

Lead In The Sky: A Hidden Health Crisis | Community Corner

Front Range air quality deteriorated to “unhealthy” levels at least 18 times this year. In addition to wildfire smoke, there is another toxin present in our air – LEAD!