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yellow scene  magazine cover for February 2022
Best of the West Issue

Best of the West 2022: Critics Choice

by Thomas Rutherford   Although our readers have a say on almost everything Best of the West, we have a little section where we like to share our own picks in BOCO. Here are 19 things to check out (or happen to stumble upon) in the area.   Best Once Stray Cat Tony aka “Big Tone”: Initially believed...


Single in the Suburbs

When it comes to dating successfully, the cards may seem they are often stacked against you. Let’s examine some real-life dating situations, then ask a couple of dating and relationship coaches their advice.

Best of the West 2022: Readers Choice

When we say Readers' Choice, we mean readers choose. We left the ballot up to the readers through the weeks-long voting period. We have the results, presented in 9 main categories and 111 sub-categories.

Best of the West 2022: Critics Choice

Although our readers have a say on almost everything Best of the West, we have a little section where we like to share our own picks in BOCO.


Scene Stealers | February 2022

Here's a list of cool things Yellow Scene's French Davis thinks you should check out this March. *Please continue to be safe.

French’s 5 | February 2022

This month: French Davis shares five notable Colorado events in history that happened in the month of March.

Spotlight on Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

Since 2006, Indiana’s hardest-working Americana trio has been on the road almost non-stop — until COVID-19, anyway. Reverend Peyton’s had enough time at home and his Big Damn Band is back out. Here, the Rev talks about losing and then finding again his ability to play the guitar, the joy in singing sad songs, and touring during a pandemic. 

In reality, over 6 million were murdered | Duly Noted

The McMinn County School Board in Tennessee voted unanimously to remove Maus — a nearly perfect fictionalized depiction of the horrors of the Holocaust — from its 8th grade curriculum.


Off Menu with… Casey Taylor | The Westbound & Down Mill

Westbound & Down's second location has some serious food ambitions, and behind all of this is Chef and General Manager Casey Taylor.

Off Menu with… Jose Sarna | Blue Corn Tacos

Blue Corn Tacos at 15th and Main St. is a smaller, stand-alone, and family-focused venture. Owned and operated by a native of Zacatecas, Mexico, Jose Sarna has long had attachments to the kitchen.

Food News | February 2022

Winter doesn’t mean any kind of slowdown for Boulder County’s food and restaurant scene. New restaurants, food, and drink are abound in BOCO.

Two beverage makers who knew Oskar Blues in the ‘90s reflect on the CANarchy purchase | In The Cups

Last month, news broke that Monster Beverage, the energy drink company whose largest shareholder is Coca-Cola (they own more than 16% of Monster) announced a $330 million cash deal for CANarchy, owner of Oskar Blues.

Packaging with Promise: Food businesses look at sustainable packaging with the help of a grant from Boulder County | Foodie

Boulder County food producers are taking the lead in a new line of attack against waste. Their approach will be new as they’re looking at pollution reduction through packaging that will be supported, in part, by a $100,000 Boulder County grant.


The Heroes: Marshall Fire – Firefighters

We had decided this year’s covers would be ‘The Heroes.’ We share the experiences of some of the firefighters who braved the Marshall Fire.

Month in Review

Month in Review | February 2022

A comprehensive review of some of the main events north of the 104th, Boulder County, and the surrounding area all within the past month.

Community Corner

Good Life Refuge Farm Animal Sanctuary – Longmont, CO | Community Corner

The Good Life Refuge has met many challenges associated with having to relocate 65 rescued farm animals in an instant during the recent fire.