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yellow scene  magazine cover for May 2022
The HOT Issue

Don't Miss These Weird Sports for the Fun, the Experience, and... For Your Life

Sports and recreation help us keep our mind and body stronger for everyday living and can improve quality of life. You might not realize, yet, that you don’t need to be an Olympian to try a new sport and have fun while doing it. Life is about creating memorable experiences. Sports can benefit you physically and mentally...


4-Month Summer Calendar 2022

After 3 years of COVID, Colorado is back and better than ever! This is your guide to concerts, outdoor activities, and more for summer 2022!

The Best Upcoming Film Festivals and Series Colorado Has to Offer

Film festivals celebrate the medium of film. Here are some of upcoming Colorado film festivals and series we’re most excited about this year.

Some of the Best Venues and Events to Experience This Summer

Colorado is known for its wealth of outdoor venues and events. Here are some that we’re most excited about this summer.

Best Places to See Poetry Performed Live This Summer

As summer rolls in and the temperature rises, here are some of the best places you can catch live poetry and feel the warmth within.

Don’t Miss These Weird Sports for the Fun, the Experience, and… For Your Life

Let’s explore 15 sports that might be fun, new, different, and challenging that you might not see on ESPN tonight.

Board of Regents candidate reflects on the intersection of cannabis entrepreneurship, racial justice

When Board of Regents candidate Wanda James first opened her business, it was less of a monetary hardship and more of a legal one.

The 2022 Food Experience: We’ve got the low down on some of the changes you’ll see this summer

The pandemic digested a lot of things in the food and beverage industry. Read on and find your way to enjoy what’s available.

Summer Drinks: Our picks for the most delicious local beverages you can put in your glass

Summer is coming and with it the craving for something flavorful to sip on under the sun or in the air conditioning.

Colorado Summer Staycations: Find yourself under the stars this summer seeing Colorado in a new way

COVID restrictions are being lifted, but international travel, or even a road trip, are expensive, so I took a closer look at my home state.

Libations Map 2022

Quench your thirst this summer! Plenty of establishments in and around BOCO are waiting for customers. Support these local businesses!


Spotlight on The Hot Summer Show Planner

As the entertainment world recovers from the pandemic, here’s our annual Hot Summer Planner — get your tix ASAP before they sell out!

Scene Stealers | May 2022

Summer means plenty of things to see and do. Here's what French Davis thinks you should check out this June. (Please continue to be safe.)

“Democrats fall in love. Republicans fall in line.” | Duly Noted

That old President Bill Clinton quote has never rung more true than it has since the 2016 election and every election since.


The Heroes: The Journalists of Colorado

*9/16/22 Update: Yet, another price increase for printing, bringing it to now a 33% increase since this was written in May 2022 and since prices began increasing in 2020. We have had so many price increases we are losing count. Are we on the 7th? 8th? 9th? I woke up this morning thinking about the printing press. This started from the 28%* increase in the cost of publishing on paper compared to...

Community Corner

People and Power | Community Corner

We haven’t come close to winning the war against climate change. We won the battle but not the war. We will need to take many more stands.