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Cannabis: CBD Summer Product Guide – Yellow Scene Magazine




[Editor’s Note: The products mentioned are from personal, unbiased and unpaid reviews from our cannabis writer’s personal experience. She tries it all for the real experience. Make sure to do your own research and find products that are right for you.]


The flowers that made it through the late season snow are in full bloom and the birds are chirping some of their prettiest songs. The hot Colorado sun beams down on your face as that fresh high altitude air fills your lungs; ah, summer is finally here. It’s time to clear up some space on your calendar to enjoy all the excitement the state has to offer in the warmer months. If you are already a cannabis consumer, you’re aware of what supplies to bring on summer adventures. If you are a CBD consumer, you too probably have your preferred products handy. If you are not a user of these products (yet), our summer essentials cover some of the most imperative must-haves this sunny season.

Summer is usually full of sunshine and outdoor adventures; we have 300 days of sunshine here in Colorado. In order to have the best time on-the-go this summer, having the right supplies can be key to a perfect outing. Of course we know the basic summer essentials include sunscreen, a full water bottle and a swimsuit; but let’s talk about some CBD and hemp summer essentials. These products – plant based and derived from hemp – can get you fueled up in the morning, ease pain and inflammation in the afternoon, and help relax the mind and body at the end of an adventurous day.

Protein Powder

Many of us struggle with a healthy breakfast due to busy schedules and, because of this, adding a protein supplement to the morning routine has become more common. Enter Hemp Protein Powder. Many protein powders are made with only whey protein and are often remembered for the chalky coating it leaves in your mouth. We were first introduced to hemp protein powder at an expo event and it definitely changed what I thought about protein powder choices. Today, there are quite a few hemp protein brands on the market.

Kannaway’s Chocolate Protein powder, available locally, is one of the best hemp protein powders I have tasted. Containing both whey and hemp protein with a subtle hint of cinnamon, it makes a great addition to morning smoothies or even a simple glass of milk. This simple ingredient is a pleasant way to start off your summer day, especially when you know you’re going to need that extra boost. There are many brands that make hemp based protein supplements, topicals and accessory products; so try a few to find the one for you. I have tried other brands, both infused and not, and have yet to come across one that compares.


A one-of-a-kind sunscreen by CN3 is just about to be brought to market. This product is processed differently than other types of hemp topicals and allows for a safer, more natural choice for skin protection this summer. Sunscreen is already a summer essential, and the unique formulation of this sunscreen is derived from the latest technology plant based products on offer. There are other brands currently available which  include hemp oil as their main ingredient and that also contain CBD.


Once you’re all lathered up in the sun protectant of your choice and ready to take the day on head first, don’t forget to grab a drink on your way out the door. We all know water is the number one choice for hot Colorado summer days, but we like to have a flavorful second drink with us. Typically, this includes a coffee-based drink or a refreshing fruity juice. Whatever you choose, ensure you have enough healthy liquids to stay hydrated the whole day.

Since a mid-morning iced coffee is one of my favorite summer pleasures, a few drops of water soluble CBD or a full spectrum tincture can enhance the ready, set, go for your summer afternoon’s plans. Whether you’re heading out on the trail or to one the many happening events in BOCO, hemp based tinctures have been causing quite the commotion when it comes to taking-the-edge-off-ailments that can aid inflammation and pain. These water-soluble tinctures can be added to any liquid drink.

CBD water is sold at convenience stores and health centers nationwide. Staying hydrated is imperative in the heat of the summer. Since water soluble CBD and full spectrum tinctures can be added to any liquid, you can make your own or buy a locally sold brand. Be sure you read the labels to make an educated comparison since they all taste a tad similar, like water.

If an oil based tincture is preferred or needed, both full spectrum hemp and CBD isolate versions are widely available locally and online. Like Honest Marijuana Company Hemp Theory Hemp Oil Extract Tincture, these tinctures are fast acting and, for some, can provide near immediate relief from muscle spasms, cramps and headaches. These come in what seems like an endless variety of dose strengths, so make sure you read the product’s labels and instructions closely. Tinctures are generally a bit of trial and error for those who are unfamiliar with a dose that works for their body. So please, test out a variety of  brands before throwing in the towel on tinctures.

Lip Protectant

Colorado’s dry air and hot summer sun can often leave your lips chapped and red or even peeling. Many who use lip care products, especially in the heat of the seasons, know that instant soothing relief when applying it. You can choose a hemp oil based and even CBD infused lip care product from several dozen local brands. So far, I have loved every brand I’ve used. Check out local health food stores, dispensaries and farmers markets for locally made products.

Bath Bomb

When you are ready to wrap up your summer explorations and are looking for some relaxation and healing, these summer essentials will have you ready for it all again in the morning. Start with soak in the tub with a CBD infused bath bomb. The effervescence and aroma of Life Element’s CBD Bath Bombs did exactly what it’s product description claim: “Envelop your aching muscles in the anti-inflammatory goodness of water-soluble, full spectrum, nano CBD and let the tension, aches, and pains wash away.”


Hemp oil based and CBD infused aftersun care salves, lotions and creams are available to hydrate and heal dry chapped skin. There are so many choices when it comes to hemp derived moisturizing topicals. Because of the variance in dosage and ingredients, it is important to note what works best for your body.

Muscle Cream

If you’re like us, by the end of the day our neck and shoulders are so sore, it doesn’t matter what we did that day. Maybe it’s your lower back or you knees; either way, a sore muscle cream can provide that well known menthol scented, muscle soothing relaxation. Honest Marijuana Company Hemp Theory Powerful Fast Pain Relief Hemp Cream is a hemp extract fast-acting pain cream with nano technology for some of the highest absorption rates in extracts available. With a little more menthol base, Cloud Co. offers their hemp lotion in a higher dosage formula.

Regardless of the fun this summer brings you, adding some hemp derived products to your supply bag could make for a more enjoyable experience. Remember, although these products do not contain THC, therefore do not produce a psychoactive “high”, always consult with a physician before taking supplements.

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