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yellow scene  magazine cover for July 2015
HOT Summer Guide

Summer Travel Destinations

Words by Brett Callwood, Ryan Howe and Annie Mehl Whether it's here at home or across the country here are some great ideas for summer travel plans. New York City Colorado is beautiful; there is no disputing that. The mountains and 300 days of summer, well maybe not this year as the rain completely...


Summer Profiles: Rewilding

An exciting new program uses nature as another means to help rehabilitate many who have never truly experienced the outdoors.

Summer Profiles: Josh Miller

There aren’t many other ways to describe exactly what he does, except for scarfing down large quantities of food as competitors all around him try to eat as much as they can in as little time as possible. It’s a sport unlike any other, and the Major League Eating ranks Miller number 29 in the nation.

Summer Profiles: Khrys’taaal

Last year, William Toliver attended Pride for the first time. Pride is a staple of summertime for many LGBT people, giving them the chance to show how proud they are to be a part of the queer community. And for Toliver it was eye opening.

Summer Travel Destinations

Whether it's here at home or across the country here are some great ideas for summer travel plans.

Boulder: A Fashion Hub?

With the reputation of having a “granola grunge” look, people don’t know that Boulder is following Denver as an up-and-coming hub for fashion in Colorado.


Cannabis Dosing: A guide to safe consumption

With the onset of legal cannabis, many people have come out of the woods and begun to explore the effects of cannabis and how it may be able to benefit them.

In defense of beards (and critical thinking)

We’re conditioned away from critical thinking—and it’s taken less than a generation to do it.


Summer Beer Festivals

One of the benefits of the craft beer boom is the viral growth of beer festivals. Without exaggeration, you can find a beer festival, or one that touts dozens, of craft beers being served, on every weekend from Mother’s Day through Halloween.

Women With Great Buns See Business Rise

You know you’ve earned a place in your customers’ hearts when they give you a nickname.

10 Must-Have Spices for Every Kitchen: Basil

We are looking at the top 10 spices that every cook should have on hand in their kitchen to make the most basic of dishes. This month: basil.

HOT Drinks for Summer

Increasingly, beers and spirits are getting the infusion treatment from peppers both hot and mild, with impressive results.

Also in This Edition

BoCo residents speak up about LGBT issues

Earlier in the year, Boulder Colorado was named one of the best cities to live in as a queer.

Athletic Ig-Gnome-inity

Gnomes: they seem like cutesy garden characters, but they can in fact keep us healthy.