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yellow scene  magazine cover for June 2020

Faces of Summer: Black Lives Matter Edition

SUPPORT LOCAL MEDIA - DONATE NOW!           In the end, a destination we haven’t reached and I’m not sure we ever will, history will remember this year, and these protests, in the same ways that history remembers the Civil Rights era of the 1960s.   In the end, as Martin Luther King, Jr said, “the arc of the moral universe is long but it


SUPPORT LOCAL MEDIA - DONATE NOW!     United.  That’s the first word in the name of our nation, and today, we are anything but.         The power base that wields control remains the only thing united in this nation — a group of old, straight, white men and their hangers on, buoyed by the bottomless pockets of their corporate

Month in Review – July 2020

SUPPORT LOCAL MEDIA - DONATE NOW!         Month in Review   A month of openings - gyms, bars, strip clubs, restaurants - even at half capacity was cut off. Governor Polis announced a re-closing of bars and clubs to stem the current rise in COVID-19 cases across Colorado. This last week saw us return to nearly our peak infection rate. Boulder County -

Jennie Samo Sells Yellow Scene – Ourticles: 20 Years of Yellow Scene

Jennie Samo was one of our early, great sales people. She’s the reason so many businesses in the area know us, and part of the reason why we were able to grow to the largest print magazine in Boulder County. Can you believe she’s not even from here?

Colorado Protests Get The Goods

SUPPORT LOCAL MEDIA - DONATE NOW! George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Elijah McClain.   Their deaths at the hands of police are the latest to shock the collective conscience of our country, and their names have been lifted at protests nationally, internationally, and right here in Colorado. The protests have been sustained and intense, despite severe police response, and

2020 Hot List

SUPPORT LOCAL MEDIA - DONATE NOW     Going into summer everyone’s felt the effects of COVID-19 as local, regional, and statewide public events were cancelled or postponed. Organizers are doing their best to preserve what they can. Things are fluid and what’s happening at press time isn’t necessarily going to stay that way for long. As of July 1, some organizers made