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yellow scene  magazine cover for April 2021
The Big Spring Green Issue

How Popular Is the National Popular Vote?

For background... The United States uses an electoral college voting system to elect presidents. States contribute 538 electors, with a majority of 270 electors determining who wins the presidential election. The number of electors allocated to states is determined by their populations. Winners of the state’s...


The Coming War for Water: Is Colorado’s Plan for the Lifeblood of Life… Smart?

The current water issues are manifold, and it is more apparent every day that a water war is coming: we’re running out of water and, while there is hope on the horizon, the politicians that are supposed to be protecting our future are not.

The Great Readjustment: Repurposing Public Places and Private Spaces Post-COVID

Shots in arms may lead to butts in seats but what about wheels and feet on streets? As COVID vaccinations ramp up, a return to “normal” seems inevitable. Will that “normal” mean an automatic return to our car-centric lives, with all the asphalt to accommodate vehicles, or can we trade some of that concrete for more room for bikes, pedestrians and businesses? By looking at what different...

The Injustice of Real Estate: History, Hope, and Solutions for a More Equitable Future

The historical timeline of racism in the U.S., leading up to today, has systematically worked to prevent the BIPOC community from acquiring wealth and homes as easily as White people.

How Popular Is the National Popular Vote?

The National Popular Vote (NPV) is seen as a more egalitarian way to elect presidents. In the NPV system, each vote would count in the election, regardless of if the voter were in the minority party in their state.


Spotlight on Laura Ruttum Senturia | April 2021

We decided to contact Denver Public Library Archivist Librarian Laura Ruttum Senturia to get the scoop on how that whole thing works. And boy did we learn a lot.

Scene Stealers | April 2021

From dinner theaters to glamorous fashion exhibits, here's what's stealing the scene in BOCO and the surrounding area.

French’s 5: Mother’s Day Shopping | April 2021

Mother's Day gift shopping locations to check out. #Frenchs5

President Biden is for the kids… just not the migrant kids | Duly Noted

As of the deadline for this column, it’s now been 92 days since Joe Biden has taken office... and it appears he’s made next-to-no progress on a key issue that galvanized support for his campaign.


Off Menu with… Mike Thom | Spruce Farm & Fish

Mike Thom is a 59 year old chef hailing from Buffalo, New York. He grew up in Syracuse and lived there for 26 years. When we talked, Mike reminisced on his first time cooking in a real life kitchen.

Full Capacity: the Yes, No, and Maybe’s About It. | Foodie

I really can’t wait to get back to burgers and beers with my friends, but honestly, I’m still favoring take out and survival. Remember that, even with the full efficacy of your double dose of vaccine, hovering around 95 percent, you can still catch and pass it to someone who didn’t  - or couldn’t - get the vaccine.

The Candyshot: this 1950s-Themed Boutique Liquor Store is the Playful Side of Imbibing | In The Cups

We’re going to state the obvious first: If Willy Wonka (the Gene Wilder version) made a liquor store, it would be The Candyshot. It’s a shop staffed in colorful uniforms, ice cream and soda cases full of alcohol, and shelves brimming with other adult beverages.

Month in Review

Month In Review | April 2021

All the news fit to print North of 104th

Community Corner

Racism In The Environmental Movement | Sara Loflin for Community Corner

Editor's Note: this article was edited for length and clarity Creating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs is nice, but enviro and alt-left organizations need to actively address their own cultures of racism and work to support BIPOC and emerging leaders. I’ve spent the last couple weeks debating whether to write this because it is painful. I am a bi-racial, Vietnamese...


Jason McBride Doesn’t Accept “No” | The ACTIONISTS Series

Jason McBride is soft-spoken and unassuming; but, his voice resonates throughout the community. After years of working in gang outreach, he launched The McBride Impact in 2019, providing community-based education for underprivileged and at-risk youth. The McBride Impact consists of F.R.E.S.H. (Free School Supplies and free Haircuts for kids); High Volume Media, a multi-media company that...