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yellow scene  magazine cover for July 2021
The Style Issue

Shopping Native On Native Land: 5 Stores In Boulder That Sell Indigenous-made Fashion

It’s a fact that before colonization, the Apache nation, the Arapaho nation, the Cheyenne nation, the Pueblo tribes, the Shoshone tribe, the Ute nation, the Comanche tribe, the Kiowa tribe, and the Navajo tribe inhabited the land that’s now called Colorado. Yet, while doing research for this article, it was difficult...


Shopping Native On Native Land: 5 Stores In Boulder That Sell Indigenous-made Fashion

We’ve found a handful of Boulder stores that honor Indigenous people by selling their products. While we’d love to see more - or any - native-owned clothing and apparel companies in the area, we’re in love with buying local and supporting indigenous communities around the world.

Natural Hair Survives Colonization: Resistance, Business, and the CROWN Act

For centuries, specifically White Western European-descended Americans have held the reins on what are considered acceptable hairstyles for the people it has colonized and/or subsumed under its empire. It has taken all that time, up until very recently, to begin establishing protections for these natural hair types.


Scene Stealers | July 2021

There's still a huge part of summer left, meaning there's still a lot more things you can do. Check out these upcoming shows and attractions!

French’s 5 | July 2021

After a 2020 with no live music to speak of, we’re stoked for these 5 upcoming shows to finish the summer of 2021

Spotlight on Colorado Jazz History

This month's Spotlight is a departure from our usual focus on a person or band, but Colorado's jazz scene at large is as deserving.

You Are On Native Land | Duly Noted

More than 1,300 unmarked graves have been discovered in Canada in just the last several weeks. These were Indigenous children,. These graves were on the grounds of church-run schools in Saskatchewan and British Columbia — schools that operated for decades as part of a cultural genocide perpetrated on Indigenous people across this continent.


Off Menu with Judy Giamperi | Gaucho de Argentina

I talked to Judy Giampieri, the chef and owner of this lovely little restaurant. She started the business based on a recipe that had been in her husband’s Argentinian family for what she says is at least two generations. The family began selling from behind festival tables and, luckily for us, scaled up.

Off Menu with… Rob Hurd | Frasca

Get to know Frasca's calm and centered new Executive Chef Rob Hurd. Know how he focuses on bringing Friulian-inspired cuisine to the table.

Love, True Love: They met at The Sink, then came back. Love wins. | Foodie

The meeting of Peter and Suzie Gilbert created a 58-year old marriage, three children, and ten grandchildren. Now 81 and 82 years old, the pair met at The Sink in 1959, just four years after Robert Redford mopped floors and changed trash can liners there.

Destination: Dry Land Distillers – New Location, Expanded Libations | In The Cups

Dry Land Distillers has secured - and marvelously built out - its new location on Main Street in downtown Longmont. I popped over to the new location a couple days before the grand opening, on July 9th, to speak with founder and co-owner Nels Wroel about the new location.


What You Do Is Not Always Who You Are | Health

As parents, professionals, volunteers, business owners, or neighbors, we are healthy or unhealthy, happy or unhappy, or everyday athletes in the race of life. Rarely does what we do define who we are. This is an important thing to consider in today’s world where working from home can blur lines. Here are some tips to help you maintain balance of life, work, and happiness.


Darren O’Connor, Activist Lawyer: There For Those Who Need Him, and For Those Who Don’t

Darren has long been a voice of the unhoused, being a relentless thorn in the City of Boulder’s side. For years he has advocated for them to take a more compassionate approach to helping people. He helped found and serves on the board for the NAACP Boulder County and nonprofit Feet Forward; he recently graduated from law school after leaving a career as a literal rocket scientist, in a quest to help others; and he established his own private practice.

Month in Review

Month In Review | July 2021

All the news North of 104th.

Community Corner

The Plight of Palestinians IS an American Issue | Community Corner

The Israeli occupation of Palestine has been a taboo topic in American political discourse for decades. Despite a documented history of Israel's neglect to follow international law (examples online are plenty), only a handful of individuals have dared to publicly condemn Israel for any of its illegal actions.

Letter to the Editor

Good Riddance to the Inconvenient Activist | Letter to the Editor

Guest contributor and activist Lauren Swain shares her viewpoints on the ongoing issues concerning fracking in our local area.