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yellow scene  magazine cover for October 2022
The Election Issue

Goliath Versus You

Local independent businesses help define the soul of our communities as they face off against big money and power from giant corporations and private equity firms. How do they make it work? Back in the late ‘90s in the waning days of Seattle’s grunge rock era, I once walked by the storefront of a little coffee shop on...


2022 Election Guide

Every year, Yellow Scene Magazine publishes an exhaustive Election Guide. Because we are “old-school” and still believe journalism is important, we do not allow email interviews and require a 15-minute call with each candidate. They are all asked the same 6 questions our Editorial Board outlined at the start. The only exceptions are races that these questions don't make sense for such as Board of Education, CU Regents, Coroner, etc. After all interviews are completed, the YS Editorial Board reconvenes and decides on their final endorsements.

Winter Camp Directory 2022

Winter does not always mean you stay home all the time. Fun activities for your kids occur year-round. Perhaps this year's Winter Camp directory can offer something that will pique you and your kids' interest.

Goliath Versus You

Local independent businesses help define the soul of our communities as they face off against big money and power from giant corporations and private equity firms. How do they make it work?

Bridging the “Ambition Gap”: Emerge Colorado tackles inner voices and external critics of womxn running for office

In this election guide feature of Yellow Scene, we wanted to explore which organizations are poised to help Colorado women who run for office, why they’re necessary to bridge the dreadfully named “ambition gap,” and why women still hesitate to throw their hat in the ring, even in Colorado, a state that is 2nd in the country in terms of female representation in state government.


Scene Stealers | October 2022

Looking for something spectacular in BoCo and beyond this November? French Davis suggests these six events for the upcoming month.

French’s 5 | October 2022

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, here are 5 First Nations non-profit organizations you should consider donating to.

Spotlight on Sam Adams

Sam Adams is a dyed-in-the-wool storyteller. Regardless of what his occupation du jour is — as a comedian or long-time sports journalist — his joy for storytelling is the tie that binds all of his pursuits together. Over the course of nearly two hours, we talked to Adams about being a storyteller, the incredible success of his Dry Bar Comedy video that went viral in 2018, and what it was like playing “the most racist city in the United States” as a Black man…

Holding our breath for the midterms | Duly Noted

Pins and needles. That’s probably the best way to frame how most Americans are feeling in the run-up to the midterms, taking place on Nov. 8, 2022. It’s become a bit impossible to predict how the ballots will shape up, thanks to this unprecedented era in U.S. politics where the Culture Wars hold sway over meaningful legislation. 


Food News | October 2022

We've gathered some of the biggest news involving the restaurant scene of Boulder County and the surrounding area. Your taste buds will be tantalizes to check some of these places out.

Off Menu with… Chef Luis Catzim | Eatery @ the Sport Stable

Late in the day on a Saturday afternoon, the Eatery @ The Sport Stable (also known as The HangryHorse) is an active place. It couldn’t really be any other way. Just to walk into their dining room, which is located as part of the Sport Stable facility at the end of Louisville’s Main Street, you pass a volleyball court and walk just outside two premium rinks used for ice hockey, curling, and skating lessons.

Off Menu with… Chef Andrea Uzarowski | Süti & Co.

I arrived at my appointment with Copenhagen-born Chef Andrea Uzarowski at Süti & Co. Uzarowski spoke to me at length about following her instinct to create the life she wanted. As of last month, this dream now includes her bakery and shop just off Pearl Street in Boulder where she and I talked. It’s a place where customers can enjoy good food and appreciate a moment or pause with something sweet and a cup of tea.

Off the radar picks for food TV: Stream five of our favorites | Foodie

FX’s The Bear has served to remind us just how good food TV can be. It’s inspired us to think about some of our other favorite food television series’, documentaries, and films. Fair warning: you won’t see some of the standard food films and other media here. So, what did we pick? Without further ado, here are some of our favorite pieces of food media.

Malty Good Times Return: GABF Returns for a 40th Anniversary Event | In The Cups

The Friday session for the Great American Beer Festival’s 40th anniversary wasn’t blessed by the crisp fall weather the festival often enjoys. Instead it was gray, damp, and a little chilly. In other words, perfect weather for a festival-appropriate warm flannel and malty beer.


The Heroes: Stages of Boulder County

As we continue our Heroes series, we turn this month to our stages. We spoke to 9 representatives from vastly different kinds of venues. Some are solely for music, some for theater and opera, some for comedy, some a mix of it all. While the purposes of these spaces might be quite disparate, each person we spoke with truly believes in the importance of music and performance in their communities.


Telehealth For The Win! | Health

2022 is a year of telehealth and technology. There has been and will continue to be a surge in health wearables to track blood pressure, blood sugar, mood, physical activity, and even tone of voice. In 2023, there will be more new ways to help manage disease and disability while promoting activity and ability. With all this data, what do we do with it, how do we use it, and where does it need to be relevant?

Month in Review

Month in Review | October 2022

A comprehensive review of some of the main events north of the 104th, Boulder County, and the surrounding area all within the past month.

Community Corner

The 8th Congressional District: Can a pediatrician beat an anti-abortion extremist to become the first Latina elected to Congress from Colorado? | Community Corner

Dr. Yadira Caraveo, a pediatrician and current state representative, is breaking new ground in Colorado’s new Eighth Congressional District. If elected, Caraveo will be the first Latina to hold federal office from Colorado. Caraveo has spent the last 4  years representing Thornton and Northglenn in the State House. Her opponent is anti-abortion, oil and gas champion, Republican candidate Barbara Kirkmeyer (a Colorado State Senator).