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yellow scene  magazine cover for February 2008


Editor’s Picks

Your Ultimate Guide to A&E

French’s 5

Trying to figure out where the relationship stands? Here are five signs your Valentine’s a dud...

Nine Questions With Some Love Doctors

A Little More Than Your Typical Interview


If All 104th North's a Stage, We'll Tell You Where to Sit

French Connection

Serving Your Live Music Needs for Boulder, Denver and Beyond

It Takes Technology to Track Down Legends

News for the Digital Generation


Foods We Love

Sometimes we're in the mood for a fancy dinner. Or we simple go searching for some classic comfort food. Other times a basic fried snack fills us up. Basically, we love to eat out, which got us thinking we should begin an annual list of dishes available in the North Metro area that keep us full and beaming throughout the year...

5 Boulder Faves

Because of the shear volume of places to grab a good bite to eat, Boulder would have dominated our North Metro favorites. This is no knock on the communities to the east—consider it a testament to one of the great dining cities in the West. So we gave Boulder its own page...

Also in This Edition

February Letters to the Editor

"You all are slipping, and getting more cynical…"

Falling Into a Self-Promoting Writing Trap

One of the types of columns I’ve always hated are those self-promoting diatribes from a publisher or editor telling how great their new content or cutting-edge a website redesign is...


When you imagine two shopping centers hogging the corners of an intersection, you think bland chains and vacant spaces. There’s a reason Atlas Valley and Forest Park have stayed vibrant—hip, eclectic businesses...

Time for Pebbles?

There are three vintage McNulty ballot boxes sitting in plan view at the Adams County election center. Two are knee-high, wooden containers that one could imagine being crammed with hundreds of ballots picking the politicians of the 1950s, or perhaps even prior to that...

Relax, the Jet-Set Life is Only Minutes Away

Paul Kirby loves to hike into the wilderness or pedal his road bike up Boulder Creek. He lives in Boulder because he thrives off Colorado’s majestic mountains and the playground they offer. But as quick as he can get to an airfield, Kirby’s life can switch from laid-back Colorado lifestyle to the fast-paced environment of the jet set...

There’s No Sulking On Valentine’s

There's No Sulking on Valentine's Day

Boulder, Have a Lap Dance

It’s really hard to dance nude around Pearl Street...

Wine, Real Beer and Groceries

It’s always been annoying having to go to the grocery store to grab food and another retailer for the bottle of wine...

$6 Million Dollar Democrats

As the shrimp thaws in the microwave in Paula Noonan’s kitchen, former Colorado Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald warms up her sales pitch for the dozen people gathered in the hors d’oeuvre-laden den next door...