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yellow scene  magazine cover for June 2022
The Outdoor & Pet Issue

Chocolate, Donuts, and Dogs: How Corporate Holding Companies Are Changing the Practice of Veterinary Medicine

Chocolate, donuts, and dogs: Which of these things is not like the others? If you guessed dogs, you are right — but they do have one thing in common — corporate owners sometimes called consolidators — not the actual dogs but veterinary practices throughout the United States. Currently, there are about 40...


Meeting Live Animals: Colorado is a freeform zoo waiting to be explored

Colorado is home to so many mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects that are fascinating to stumble across during your adventures this summer.

2022 Outdoor Pet Gear Guide

There's nothing better than exploring the great outdoors with your furry friend — as long as they're properly equipped with the right gear.

Chocolate, Donuts, and Dogs: How Corporate Holding Companies Are Changing the Practice of Veterinary Medicine

About 40 corporations own clinics in the United States and around 40% of specialty hospitals and emergency clinics are owned by corporations.

Where My Girls At? Exploring Why Girls Drop Out of Sports and What We Can Do to Keep Them in the Game

Why are girls dropping out of sports at twice the rate as boys? I’m going to focus on a few reasons and how we can change that statistic.

2022 Summer Gear Guide: All the Gadgets and Gizmos You Need for Your Awesome Adventure

This year we’ve compiled some of the greatest outdoor equipment and gear to help you make the best of your summer adventure.


Spotlight On Chan Kinchla

Blues Traveler guitarist Chan Kinchla talks about his favorite Red Rocks memories, his new secret side project, and why less is always more.

French’s 5 | June 2022

This month: Five surprising (or maybe not if you are very patriotic) facts about the Fourth of July, the most celebrated day in America.

Arm the Teachers | Duly Noted

Amid a never-ending cycle of mass shooting, the pro-2A crowd proposes a “solution”: arming educators with firearms to protect the children.

Scene Stealers | June 2022

As summer continues, so do the activities! French Davis recommends you check out these events this coming July. (Please continue to be safe.)


BoCo Coffee Culture: More Than What’s in Your Cup | Foodie

The community focus that has created the foundation of Boulder County’s coffee scene for years amounts to more than what’s in your mug.

Food News | June 2022

This month, there’s plenty of summer restaurant news to talk about, from new openings and farm to table dinners you don't wanna miss.

Off Menu with… Linda Hampsten Fox

Linda Hampsten Fox runs The Bindery in Denver. She talks about her career beginnings from getting herself into Boulder to single motherhood.

Camp Drinking: Three New Ways to Fill Your Cup Outdoors | In The Cups

Summertime is camping time. It is also drinking time. Whether hiking or stocking our camp sites, anyone can become a rustic mixologist.

Off Menu with… Daniel Asher | Ash’Kara

Daniel Asher is the Executive Chef of Ash'Kara, a pair of restaurants in Denver and Boulder focused on contemporary Israeli cuisine.


The Heroes: Veterans of Boulder County

What Does it Mean When We Say: “Thank You for Your Service”? We spoke with military veterans for this installment of The Heroes.

Month in Review

Month in Review | June 2022

A comprehensive review of some of the main events north of the 104th, Boulder County, and the surrounding area all within the past month.


Know When To Say No | Health

In this day and age we get bombarded with requests to do things. It can get overwhelming and this has happened to a lot of us.