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yellow scene  magazine cover for November 2008
Winter Sports Guide

Skiing & Style

Ski getaways are our business. Each winter, we send out a team of writers to explore the region’s vast winter wonderlands. This year, we show you Vail, Taos, Monarch, Eldora and a dude ranch near Steamboat. But we don’t want you to stick out when you roll into town for a great weekend away from the Front Range. So...


Skiing & Style

Ski getaways are our business. Each winter, we send out a team of writers to explore the region’s vast winter wonderlands. This year, we show you Vail, Taos, Monarch, Eldora and a dude ranch near Steamboat. But we don’t want you to stick out when you roll into town for a great weekend away from the Front Range. So we’re including the proper styles, so you can fit in like a local.


Editor’s Picks

November’s Best A&E

French’s Five

This year, Thanksgiving falls on Nov. 27. As it turns out, a few other interesting things happened on this same date in history...

8 Questions with Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is still angry. That much isn’t news—the former Black Flag frontman has long been known for his outspoken demeanor, teeing off on everything from politics to television


And now it’s getting interesting. Longtime readers (thanks, ma!) are familiar with my unabashed love of the iPhone and all the innovation and awesomeness it brought to the market when it was released last year.

November Picks

A Daily Dose of Diversions


Challenging Elements: Italian Sausage

The economy is in the tank, Americans are scared to use their credit cards and our future hangs on an election. Few seem that eager to dine out anymore. What a shame! This is what Kevin Fitzgibbons faces each night at Village Tavern in the Village at FlatIrons. So when challenged with Italian sausage as this month’s ingredient, he turned to the basics. We came back 24 hours later treated to a testament to comfort food—Italian Sausage and Gnocchi with Plum Tomato/Vodka Cream Sauce. Let’s call it a recession buster.

True Boulder Destination

When a restaurant looms above you, punctuated with hand-etched archways and sprawling paintings of fantastical scenes; when the entryway is marked by a free-flowing fountain that perches above a wealth of koi; when the surroundings are marked by wrought iron trellises and unending rows of vines, it does something to expectations.

Take a Step Back in Time

Half a century ago, Americana was a comfort. We relished homes that showcased black-and-white snapshots of grandmothers, of fathers newly home from the war, of children playing in mud-capped streams. Today, what substitutes for nostalgia are mass produced trinkets that clog old-time shops and would-be antiquated restaurants.

Restaurant Rumblings

Tasty Tidbits from the Dining World

Challenging Element: Cinnamon

One ingredient, 24 hours

Also in This Edition

November Letters to the Editor

I just received a copy of the Yellow Scene, and I am outraged by the cover (“Scary Good Costumes,” October). We have a candidate for the office of vice president inciting crowds to chant kill him and you have the nerve to publish a cover like this. It is so wrong.

The Super Bowl for Journalists

Accountants have tax season, professional sports players the playoffs and retailers the holidays. Journalists are stuck covering these stupid elections...

Vail: A Resort with Style

Stop me if you’ve done this before: Wake up at some ungodly hour, throw your gear in the trunk while simultaneously dragging a sleepy loved one to the car and start driving west to get to Vail before the parking lots overflow and the gondola line backs up into Lionshead. We all know Vail is a great place to ski. It’s just a colossal pain in the behind to daytrip there on the weekend.

Vista Verde: Dude Ranching in Snow

When I was in elementary school, I vividly remember the feeling of going to bed, knowing snow was on the way. I’d wake up and rush to the radio, listening for the magic words: “…West Hartford Public Schools, canceled…” Snow Day! My friends and I would then gather in our cul-de-sac, with sleds, mittens, shovels and all sorts of other winter gear and play all day long building forts...

Monarch: The Anti-Resort

There are a dozen or so riders floating through the maze of the Pioneer lift as we gaze out of a window overlooking it. “Wow, you guys picked a busy weekend to come out here. Sorry about the lift lines,” a Monarch Ski Area rep tells me.

Taos: Southwestern Skiing

With a map scrawled onto a cocktail napkin we’d received from a waitress the night before, we trudged deep into the Taos Gorge in search of pristine natural hot springs.

Eldora: Within Easy Reach When You Need to Scratch that Skiing Itch

Being a big fan of Eldora is easy. The little Boulder County ski area that could really does have something for everyone; groomed intermediate cruisers, a terrain park, steep faces complete with huckable rock bands. And while the portions may not be of the Las Vegas buffet gorge yourself silly variety, the goods are always good and sometimes, great

A Place for Elitism

In this presidential election season, as has been the case in recent election cycles, the terms “elitist,” “elitism” and “elite” have been hurled as a pejorative; an epithet from which one must flee. It’s nearly as bad as being pegged a liberal.

Boiling Point

A Real Boiling Point

Each summer we worry about two things here in Colorado: water and fire. A new report by the Colorado Water Conservation Board projects the summer mercury in Colorado to rise up to 4 degrees more in the next 40 years, causing stream flows to shrink and producing really hot summers.

Staying Competitive

Walk into most any business around FlatIron Crossing Mall, and owners will likely tell you times are tough. This is especially true in the Village open air section. where foot traffic is slow and plans are in the works to raze buildings that are slowly wilting as sediment shifts underneath. But for the second straight month, good news has offered hope. After announcing two new major tenants and...

It’s Time to Act Like Adults

It’s a little sad that the Boulder County Commissioners had to draft and adopt a written code of conduct for those attending a hearing, especially considering the code spells out that profanity and threatening or abusive language is not allowed...

Twin Peak’s Long Shot

Drive past the aging Twin Peaks Mall in Longmont and you’ll see a shopping center way past its prime. This is hardly news. Over the summer, the mall’s developer, Panattoni Development Co., and the city appeared close to entering into a partnership that would kick off a multi-phase new urbanism redevelopment project that could potentially reposition it in the marketplace...

Spending Money Wisely?

It seems you can’t go more than a few days without some sort of controversy coming out of the chambers of Boulder City Council, even when intentions are good. The city put together a commission to study how Boulder spent its money—it held its first substantive meeting a day after we sent the magazine to the printers. Sounds like a good stab at transparent government with an eye toward sound...

Locally Incorrect

Gone Pumpkin Gone

The Grinch is at it again, only this time the green-skinned fiend is not after Christmas, he’s after pumpkins. How else to explain the recent disappearance of a 150-pound great pumpkin that was snatched from a Longmont home just weeks before Halloween?