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yellow scene  magazine cover for August 2020


Scene Stealers – August 2020

  Frequent Flyers at the Westland Development   While opportunities for live performance may be scarce these days, many organizations are finding ways to perform outside, where social distancing is easier and the air is safer. Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance is one such group, preparing a packed evening of dance and food. On Aug. 23, the acrobatic, flying troupe offers a picnic...

AMERICA: Love it or…

“If you don’t like it, leave!” That’s a pretty common refrain Cult 45 likes to fall back to when faced with criticism of the High Priest of their American Freedumb Movement, or any of the litany of social and political ills he’s unleashed on the populace to date.


The devastation COVID-19 has wrought was nearly unimaginable a scant 8 months ago. Today, we face the greatest GDP plunge in history, unprecedented unemployment, and the heartbreaking loss of more than 160,000 American lives (and counting).


Off Menu with Eric Lee | Acreage

Diners at Acreage are rewarded with a bounty upon their arrival – an authentic farm to plate experience from Chef Eric Lee and an unparalleled view of Boulder Valley to the Rocky Mountain range

Off Menu with Diann Rennicke | The Flight Deck

 Colorful small planes take off as Flight Deck Grill owner and chef Diann Rennicke preps robust breakfast for customers standing in line. Situated down an unassuming road at the Longmont’s Vance Brand Airport, the Flight Deck Grill is housed in a food truck nicknamed “Tinker” which sits semi-permanently in a charming corner of the airport. Customers here are lucky that...

Cider Slushies

Relief from the hot days here often comes in a glass. Enter - the cider slushie. While the other “slushie” was a gas station item meant just for children, the adults are getting in on the fun. It’s best to experience the cider slushie in a cidery, surrounded by experts in the field and with socially distanced cider fans. Cideries are meeting the demand and marketing their new...

Black is Beautiful at Outworld Brewing

From the moment you walk into Outworld Brewing’s dark, 8,000 square foot space - with vintage Star Trek episodes playing silently above the bar - two things are clear: The brewpub caters to sci-fi/fantasy fans and it isn’t afraid to do things differently. They’re also solid enough to hold up to the tough expectations faced by any new Colorado brewery.

Community Corner

Officer Lolotai in Boulder in More Trouble for Talking About Beating People Than Beating People | Community Corner

Boulder Police Officer Waylon Lolotai is alleged to have an Instagram account, @tacticaltoa, on which he frequently speaks positively about police brutal and violent use of force.

Community Corner – Boulder PD’s Social Media Hypocrisy

Boulder Police Officer Waylon Lolotai is alleged to have an Instagram account, @tacticaltoa, on which he speaks positively about police brutality and violent “use of force Fridays”. This includes his (alleged) comments about an officer punching a man another officer already has in a chokehold: “Atta girl, doing work on that suspect, dropping hammers.” In response to a commenter calling...

Month in Review

Month in Review – August 2020

  Month in Review  In Boulder County COVID news: There were five new cases recorded Sunday, August 16, which brings our county total to 2,146 cases. Of those, according to the Daily Camera, “190 have been hospitalized, and 838 have recovered. The death toll remains at 76, and there are 143 disease investigations in progress.” Boulder County recorded 500 cases in July, the...


Rob Kimball’s Rise to Ryzin

"I'm nothing like my character,” Rob Kimball begins. He's making a joke about the Britney Spears shirt he's wearing in advance of his wrestling match at Denver's famous Mile High Comics. The joke is funny because of the juxtaposition of Britney Spears to his alter-ego, his wrestling identity, RYZIN.  Ryzin is a “devil character”. He’s a legally ordained minister of evil...

Also in This Edition

Schools vs the Pandemic

Complicated times are upon us and as always, the most vulnerable are suffering. The Pandemic of 2020 has only worsened in a seemingly steady decline since June and we’re faced with the same uncertainties as those in March.

Front Range Stories of Student Loan Debt

The experiences of a handful of Colorado students with student loan debt gives insight into what the larger student population faces in order to earn their degree.

To Debt or Not To Debt: Questions and Quandaries in Higher Education Finance

While we would love to have extra time to pursue our activism and creative passions, there’s something we have in common with over 44 million Americans: we graduated from college with thousands of dollars in student debt, for a national total of $1.6 trillion in 2020, according to Forbes Magazine. To debt or not to debt, that is the question.

Boulder County School Directory

Art Schools  Parlando School for the Arts303-442-0006, 2590 Walnut St., Boulder,  parlando.org Tara Performing Arts High School303-440-4510, 4180 19th St., Boulder, CO 80304 tarahighschool.org Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design303-753-6046, 1600 Pierce St., Denver, CO 80214  | rmcad.edu   Charter...

For Your Life – Time is a gift

As you take time to explore what this change has done for you, it would be great to make some longer term changes to help you appreciate your “gift” more. Be proactive and think about what you will do the next time you are gifted with time. Make a list. How can you use your gift of extra time?