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yellow scene  magazine cover for September 2008
Pet Issue

The Sandwich Issue

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Certainly not us. Here are five of our favorite joints to get one. Hanna's Valente's Deli Bakery Dish Gourmet Cheese Importers Your Butcher, Frank...


All Kinds of Breeds Mixed Together Make Perfect…Pets!

Puppies and kittens are undeniably cute. We were certainly enamored with the dozen or so doggies running around for this month’s cover photo shoot. Many of them were Designer Dogs, products of a newish fad that has breeders crossing Pugs with Beagles, Labradors with Poodles to create desired looks and traits. They even have fun names such as Puggles, Corbasses and Labradoodles.

The Sandwich Issue

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Certainly not us. Here are five of our favorite joints to get one.


September Editor’s Picks

Your Ultimate Guide to A&E

French’s 5

This month: The top 5 TV shows I’m most excited about this fall...

11 Questions with Producer Peter Coggan

Did you know Boulder has a film production company? Did you know this company recently wrapped production on a movie called Woodshop starring former Professional-Wrestler-turned-action-movie-star-turned-Minnesota-Governor-turned-actor Jesse Ventura? Did you know the movie is a dramedy about a high school valedictorian forced to take woodshop class in order to avoid an “F” due to a chem lab ab accident that almost killed his teacher?

Transforming Main Street

I am a bit jealous of my friend Neil. It has little to do with his collection of horribly good ’80s movies or his even larger collection of awesomely bad music from that decade. It’s not even his straight-out-of-Pier 1 Imports Asian décor that has me feeling a bit covetous. No, I’m feeling green after realizing how close Neil lives to the Waterloo Icehouse in Old Town Louisville.

Blazing Fast Stupidity

I probably shouldn’t have said anything. It was what, just a month or two ago, when I gave local cable provider Comcast kudos for the way they were handling certain aspects of their formidable high-speed Internet business.

September Picks

A Daily Dose of Diversions


The Sandwich Issue

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Certainly not us. Here are five of our favorite joints to get one.

Challenging Elements: Cantaloupe

One ingredient; 24 hours

Simply Mind Blowing

Ian Kleinman, the executive chef at O’s Seafood and Steak in Westminster, has begun teasing our palates with a bold culinary style—one that leaves overplayed steakhouses in the dust, tempting us instead with a little bit of culinary magic.

Adding Spice to Briggs

Briggs Avenue, Erie’s de facto main street, is sparsely lined with a handful of restaurants, a rambunctious karaoke bar and a few unpresuming storefronts. It’s pretty quiet in Old Town on a weeknight.

Restaurant Rumblings

Tasty tidbits from the dining world

Also in This Edition

September Letters to the Editor

...Furthermore, I find these types of catty Liberal attacks embarrassing for the entire Democratic Party. I can’t say I agree fully with either party, but the inappropriate means to constantly discredit President Bush are outrageous. ...

Puppy Paradox

Shame on you. Hate mail comes in quite often in this field. It’s part of the job...

Take Out the Trash, Err, Trustees

So we were wrong last month when we thought a garbage flap in Superior would just blow over. It turns out that the residents who were upset over the city awarding a single contract to one trash service provider that the deal stunk enough to call for change.

The Bond is Set

It looks like the St. Vrain Valley School District is as worried about the economy as it is the education it offers. Saddled with budget shortfalls, the district has been expected to ask voters for a boatload of much-needed financial help in the form of property tax increases. They are still going forward as planned, except the bond issue will be $189 million—roughly $20 million less than a...

More Trash News

Louisville is possibly changing its trash ways, too. The city took the first step toward a pay-as-you-throw curbside trash program meant to encourage recycling by charging extra to those who throw away lots of garbage. Louisville’s neighbor, Lafayette, has a similar program in place...

Making Thornton the Center

Picture a 350-room hotel, glistening conference center, a light rail station nearby and piles of other development bursting around it all. Shake downtown Denver out of your mind for a second and start thinking about Thornton...

One Way to Fight a Porn Shop

Margie Patterson didn’t want a porn store in her beloved Allenspark. But Jeff and Vicky Mead owned an ATV shop and were looking into transforming the two-story lodge-style building into a pornography gallery when county officials told them they could no longer rent the four-wheelers...

Check Out Your Local Brewery

In anticipation of the Great American Beer Festival next month (who hasn’t been counting the minutes since last year’s event ended), we offer a guide to tasting local beers before the madness begins...

Locally Incorrect

Boulder park rangers have warned locals to keep clear of mule deer this birthing season. Seems the deer have turned nasty and chased after pesky homeowners on several occasions. Officials have not reported any deer-related injuries so far. “The deer are giving birth, and they like to give birth in people’s yards,” Taylor said. “When people go out to use their yards, the deer can be aggressive.”

Going Gonzo at the DNC

The Democratic National Convention is about a lot of things: politics, oratory, pomp, celebrities, networking. But at its heart, the DNC is about money. And whether you like it straight, on the rocks, shaken, dirty or with a twist, high proof cash was flowing freely in and around the Pepsi Center all week.

How Many Votes Does a $50M Party Buy?

Franco Harris has four Super Bowl rings and an MVP award from the big game. Yet he was far from the top of the glamour heap of celebrities attending the Democratic National Convention. Still, the Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steelers great was in awe of the spectacle that took over Denver at the tail end of last month.

Pugs and Beagles Mixed Together Make Puggles

These are the dogs that have popularized intentional mixed-breeding. It’s a toss up which traits will dominate (smashed nose or long snout, etc.). They are active and outgoing.

Golden Retrievers and Poodles/Labradors and Poodles Make Doodles

Nearly every type of fashionable designer dog includes a doodle at the end of its name, and it’s not because the new breed sounds cool.

Shih-Tzus and Bichon Frises Mixed Together Make Teddy Bears

Both these dogs tend to shed little making the mix a good choice for those in need of a hypoallergenic pet. They are small, averaging 12 to 16 pounds, meaning this is a good match if you live in a small home or apartment.

Corgies and Bassett Hounds Mixed Together Make Corbasses

These guys are very social and great for families with kids, and make the cutest puppies this side of an annual puppy calendar.

Random Encounters Make Mutts

While the designer dogs we feature are certainly cute, there are plenty of equally adorable pets waiting for adoption.

Discover Your Mixed Breed’s Heritage with Dog DNA

Our photographer Jessica Grenier loves her 1-year-old Rat Terrier and Beagle mix. But she doesn’t know for sure that Diesel is actually part Rat Terrier and part Beagle. And that’s a drawback for potential pet owners when they head over to the local humane society. It’s impossible to be certain what your cute fella actually is—until now.

A New Pet Brings Up the Need for New Pet Products

Now that you’ve picked out your perfect family pet, make sure you grab some of this cool gear to make your pup or kitty the envy of the neighborhood...

Mutts and Kitties and Purebreds Make Staff Pets

The pet issue is the one time a year we get to showcase our beloved animals. These are the furry creatures who always smile at us when we come home from a long day of work...

New York Style

East Coast transplants often get labeled with the snob tag, especially when it comes to food. Let’s face it, culinary hubs such as New York City set a pretty high food bar, which means many of those who’ve migrated west find it hard to accept some of the Rocky Mountain region’s offerings

Italian Heritage

There are few constants in the suburb of Westminster. Here are two of them: The Valente family and their sandwiches that carry cult-like status in the area.

Homemade Mantra

Dish Gourmet is what you would call a small sandwich bistro. It’s the kind of deli that refuses to be outdone by a certain “five-dollar foot long” fad. In today’s fast-paced world, Dish would like you to slow down and smell the pastrami.

Hidden Bistro

Tucked into a row of industrial buildings in Longmont, Cheese Importers has been one of the area’s best kept food secrets. Its unparalleled selection of hundreds of kinds of cheese, hard salami, olives, olive oils, vinegars, jams, crackers, fresh bread and sweets creates a growing group of fans as each new visitor discovers what amounts to an authentic French bistro disguised as a warehouse.

Passionate About Meat

Going to a butcher shop to get your steaks or burgers–not to mention monster sandwiches–is almost quaint, elitist even. But the decidedly blue-collar approach that owners Lee Westcott and Ron Lamb bring to Longmont’s Your Butcher, Frank is intentional.

It’s Noble to be Nobel

From a purely statistical point of view, it’s not surprising that Boulder rakes in a lot of scientific accolades and awards. One in 25 adults (older than 25) has a Ph.D in something and a whopping 53 percent of its residents have at least a bachelor’s.